TPM 3D Now In Theaters!

By Mike — Thursday, February 9, 2012

As the clock strikes midnight, fans are once again venturing to their local movie theaters to see Star Wars  in the big screen and in 3D. AMC Theaters across the country will be giving away FREE Hasbro Fighter Pods. On Friday and Saturday, a limited edition Anakin Skywalker PodRacer glasses will also be given out to the first 3-400 theatergoers while supplies last. While there aren't any campouts or long lines like in 1999, there' s still a sense of excitement and anticipation for seeing the Saga we love in theaters.  Maybe even the Jar Jar hate has dimished over time? That's a big maybe.

***Correction*** The Anakin Podracer glasses and Fighter Pods are being given out on Satrurday only during the special event from 11 am to 6 pm at select AMC Theaters to the first 400 theatergoers.


Enjoy yourselves and post comments below on your experience!