Toy Fair Gallery - Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, February 17, 2018

3536 Getting through hundreds of images is time-consuming, so let's cheat.  It's time for The Vintage Collection to return like so many seven-year locusts. Here are images from Hasbro's showroom, mixed in with lightly edited tweets from our livetweet Saturday afternoon.  You'll see exclusives, main line items, and even a preview of something for 2019.   Sound good?  Awesome.

The Vintage Collection.   Wave 1 you saw at HasCon. Snoke is the only 100% new figure.


Wave 2 - Death Trooper (repack), Assault Tank Driver (new), Solo from new movie and (redacted.)  Wave 3 Aphra, Cassian Andor (repack), Luke Skywalker (repack of Walmart TFA), and Range Trooper.
Vintage Imperial Assault Tank from Rogue One, August.  It looks awesome - but the price hasn't been made public yet. Keep that in mind.  Also the packaging appears to be "Canadian," dadgummit.

3539 Walmart exclusive for Spring 2018 - Island Rey!  Mimban Stormtrooper in Fall.  Vintage, numbered in sequence.  If you need a complete set, you may start crying.

Preview for Vintage Yak Face in Spring 2019. Grey render.  Looks more Vintagey.  Will have cloth soft goods.
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