Toy Fair Big News: Death Star and White Boba Fett

By Mike — Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few notes on this afternoon's Hasbro presentation:

The big news announcement, especially for Vintage Collection fans is the specially carded Revenge of the Jedi cardbacks featuring the unproduced title and logo for Episode VI. There will be 12 figures carded with this logo including a new Slave Leia, B-wing Pilot, Death Star Luke. These will not be considered chase Galactic Hunt figures and should be readily available in retail.

The BIGGER news is you can get all 12 figures and carded Salacious Crumb and Mousedroid in a HUGE specially packaged Death Star as a Comic-Con exclusive. How much do you think this will run ya? The mailaway for 2011 is a prototype white Boba Fett on an Empire Strikes Back Vintage card. This will look great displayed next to the 2010 exclusive Fett... especially if they're double boxed and delivered mint on arrival!

A few other exclusives are headed our way in the form of. Disney Star Tour figure sets, DVD commemorative Sets which include a poster that can be put together to form a large collage and previously reported stuff such as the Target second set of Vintage.

Stay tuned for our full report and photos after we complete our showroom tour which starts right about now!