Tales From Home Swapping, Continued

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We've got another story of retail woe (and a return of a real vintage figure to stores) in our latest entry in this ongoing saga of retail theft.  Reader Nik was looking at the new Target AT-ST... and guess what he found?

The brand-new Attack on Hoth set is the victim this time, with POTF2 (that's Power of the Force 2, newcomers) 1997 Snowtroopers and a vintage 1978 Death Star Commander-- complete with yellowed torso-- left as replacements for the stolen 2010 figures.


Nik writes: "Westbury NY Target

New target exclusive set. AT-ST, driver  and 2 snowtroopers. Guy switched out for two old 1996 POTF2 snowtroopers and a VINTAGE driver/officer guy. The box was beat to hell as well so God knows if the actual new AT-ST is there as well. He could have switched for an old one or anything else really."

Sadly this sort of thing is not unheard of-- in 2004, I saw a Toys "R" Us exclusive red Original Trilogy Collection Y-Wing replaced with a 1983 vehicle completely painted in red. Honestly, the amount of time you thieves have...

Got a swapping sighting to share? Email me or post your horror stories below!



i have to admit this is a great idea. especially with people paying ridiculous prices for figures on ebay. Not sure why more people havent thought of this. You could literally make this your part time job just selling new figs on ebay essentially for free. ingenious idea. maybe if hasbro actually stocked figures around the country, this wouldnt happen. im just sayin

Returns with swapped figures

It is actions like this that will make the retailers change to a no refund no return policy. Returns and refunds are a privilege, not a right. This will screw the kid who gets a toy like this for his or her birthday, not want it or wants to exchange it for something else and won't be allowed to. Whatever happened to honesty?

Dammit, I wish I'd have

Dammit, I wish I'd have thought of that!

Swapping is an art...a

Swapping is an art...a criminal art, but an art. I'd really like to know what's inside.

I haven't seen Star Wars swapping in years. GI JOE swapping, yeah, some really odd ones, like 2 Target Exclusive Air Vipers in the second Cobra 5-pack, and another one with kitbashes/customs.

At the Bantha Skull meet this

At the Bantha Skull meet this past weekend, I saw this at a TRU in Ohio.


I was excited at first...but then slightly irritated.