Tales of Swapping Continued: POTF2 At Retail in 2010

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, October 22, 2010

We've seen tons of swapped figures over the years, but this particular case of fraud is a little different and devious. To even the trained eye, it looks like there's nothing wrong, but it really does show that stores should keep an eye on things like a copyright date on the package. What happened this time? Well, reader Ed found someone actually found a way to make stores take 1990s action figures but think they're new. More on this disgrace after the jump.


Tales From Home Swapping, Continued

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We've got another story of retail woe (and a return of a real vintage figure to stores) in our latest entry in this ongoing saga of retail theft.  Reader Nik was looking at the new Target AT-ST... and guess what he found?


Swappers Strike Again: Sandtrooper Edition

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, October 18, 2010

Because I love a good story-- even a good story gone wrong-- we're going to share Reader John's Wal-Mart swap-out story today.  John saw not one, not two, but five Sandtroopers swapped out and returned to the store by a thief and, surprise surprise, the store wasn't too receptive to him trying to help. More after the jump.