Star Wars Trilogy Blu-Ray Details Leaking

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loose lips sink starships, and the eyes of the Empire are everywhere!  Speaking of eyes, since yours already laid eyes on these movies we're not considering anything a spoiler here, but and numerous other sites lit up today with MP3s, video clips, and details of new changes to the original trilogy.  Some sound good.  Some comments seem hyperbolic.  And it seems that, unsurprisingly, there are still a few things left to fix.

Before you click through... take note, the language is adult and graphic.  Hide your kids, or better yet, don't have any so you won't have to worry about shielding their ears from some of the comments.

Some highlights:

1. Wicket's eyes have been altered to more closely resemble those in the two Ewok telefilms

2. SOME, but not all, lightsabers have been altered

3. Greedo shoots first, barely

Interesting, no?