Star Wars Fan Choice 2017 - Galactic Hunter Tally

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, April 22, 2017

We got a lot of entries, a lot of possible ballot stuffing, and a lot of definitive ballot stuffing for the 2017 Fan Vote.   As stated, we weren't going to take duplicate entries from the same person - and in some cases it was difficult to tell if the entries were part of an organized effort or the same individual, so we left it in for now.   So who were the winners?  I'm glad you asked.

3343 #1 - Ben Skywalker - A Legends/Expanded Universe character from the novels, son of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker.   A fan grop organized to see to it that he would be included, and as such he received over triple the votes of the second most popular character in our own poll.

#2 - Tonnika Sister(s) -  Need no introduction, and have a rocky history as a licensed product.  One of them was made by Galoob in the Action Fleet line in the 1990s, but they are typically only shown on 2D collectibles - and one had a cameo on The Clone Wars.   At this point, they're the only Cantina denizens who have been requested consistently since residents of Mos Eisley started getting new, never-before-made toys in the late 1990s.

#3 - Sim Aloo Imperial Dignitary - One of the original Kenner-era figures as of yet left unremade, the purple-robed ashy-skinned high-hatted old man is arguably the most necessary figure from the original The Power of the Force collection needing an update.  He'll go great with your Emperor on the Death Star playset that will never get produced.

#4 - Ahsoka Tanko (Rebels) - Ahsoka has proven popular with her previous "realistic" take as a toy, so a new version is also strongly requested.

#5 - Jaxxon - Marvel's carnivorous rabbit may need no introduction.  His green fur and red suit were the stuff of Marvel legends, and a popular, memorable, and campy part of Star Wars' early history as the world tried to insert old pulp conventions into a galaxy far, far away before George Lucas and his team of artisans really crafted a distinctive look that dictates most of what we saw from the 1980s onward.

#6 - Yak Face - If you're a big fan, Yak Face needs no introduction.  Originally "the one you don't have," Kenner released this Jabba's Palace-residing figure in Canada and Europe - and according to some tales, maybe even Kay-Bee clearance bins in a few isolated spots in the USA.  His last modern-era figure was in 1997 (and stayed in distribution through 1998), released on a few notable packaging variants as "Saelt-Marae."  But he's Yak Face.  He'll always be Yak Face.

For funsies, you may enjoy knowing Cliegg Lars tied with Yak Face - I reserve my vote only to break ties, and in this case I went with the Yakora.   Nearly two dozen other fan sites participated in the poll, and our results witll be mixed in with theirs to result in a series of finalists on in the very near future.  

It's also notable that there were a ton - arguably a majority - of characters that were given but one vote.  (And Vlix almost made the cut.  Almost.  Maybe next time.)

Thanks Adam

Thanks Adam