Star Wars: The Black Series Reveal - 2020 40th Anniversary Wave 3 and Hoth Rebel Returns

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, June 22, 2020

3774 As far as I know, this batch of 5 new figures is the final batch of this collection. (But hey, maybe more are coming!)   Pre-orders go live tomorrow, but Hasbro sent out press images today of Darth Vader (repack of 2020 Wave 1 Black Series figure), Boba Fett (seemingly reissue of the 2019 Archive figure but we'll see when it comes out), Chewbacca (seemingly the Amazon 2-pack figure with a bowcaster on new packaging), Luke Skywalker Dagobah (similar to the 2-pack with Yoda), and Snowtrooper (similar to previously released figure.)

Hasbro also sent along pictures of the Rebel Trooper (Hoth) figure which previously shipped in the 40th Anniversary wave 2.  It is expected to ship with The Black Series 2020 wave 2.  For those of you who don't have the figure, it includes two faces rather than two heads.  The faces are like masks which plug on the hat head, and you can store them inside the backpack so nothing is lost.  It's really clever on Hasbro's part.  If you have not previously bought one, get one - it's one of Hasbro's very best for this line.  (And they've done some good ones!)

All of these releases are due in the fall, but with COVID and everything release dates are subject to change.

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