Star Speeder 1000 Playset Now Available, Gallery

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, December 11, 2011

The long-awaited (and rumored for years as the Star Speeder 3000) Star Speeder 1000 Playset is now available from Disney parks and their mail-order service.  Want to see a ton of pictures and find out how to get yours? Are you curious how the first fully-licensed Hasbro-compatible non-Hasbro action figure item turned out? Would you believe it has a socket for your original Star Tours Captain Rex in it? Read on!

First, reader Dylan has a LOT to share with us today!  He writes: "Hi there Adam. My name is Dylan, and I am a cast member for Walt Disney  World. I emailed you back when they announced the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction. I am now pleased to send you pictures of the new Star Speeder 1000 vehicle playset. I saw Rebelscum already posted about this, but I did a little more in-depth photo shoot than what was on their site - They omitted some awesome details about this vehicle. Included are pictures of the four different screen cards which can be inserted into the front of the speeder, as well as the flip-out laser cannons and the removable IC-360 Camera droid.

I also took some pictures of the speeder filled with figures. The Artoo figure it comes with is pretty bare-bones, but that's okay. He can be removed from his socket and other astromechs can be inserted in his place. One more detail which I find AMAZING, the pilot's seat is also removable, and the old Captain Rex figure from 2002 can be fitted in it's place!

Here's my imgur album:"


Thanks, Dylan!  Also, we did a little research and found that those of us not living in Florida or California can get this item for about $55 plus $14 shipping, which is arguably better than eBay or buying a plane ticket and picking it up on our own.  Our pals at JediDefender did all the hard work so you can just call someone on the phone and get yours.  As we like them and they deserve your traffic, click here for details.