Snaggletooth Returning to TV, With Two Familiar Friends

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, January 27, 2012

While I personally hate the "I watch Super Bowl for the commercials, wink" nonsense, I am extremely interested in a new ad from Volkswagen.  The Germans have made a new ad in the Cantina, which is exciting.   It stars Snaggletooth, or Zutton to anyone from the more modern era of character names.  It also has the Tonnika sisters.  (Are you reading this, Hasbro?)

CNN Money has an article about this new ad, in which you can see a nice replica of the Cantina and the IG-88 head drink dispensers.  But the really curious thing, considering all the flak and legal speak and (frankly) non-information about Brea and Senni Tonnika, just why the heck are they here?  You could put any more recognizable character in the ad, or better still, one that hasn't been the source of some degree of controversy in the field of licensed products.


Is it possible they're included here to use as reference for new action figures and products, a loophole allowing Hasbro to make this version of the sisters rather than the one from the original film?  We don't know, but we're speculating wildly and you can bet your sweet bippy (whatever that is) that I'll be asking Hasbro this very question in New York during Toy Fair.  Along with, I'm guessing, every other collecting site.   It is my sincere hope that this ad can inspire a set of action figures-- because let's face it, we'd all buy it.