Sideshow: Mythos Desert Nomad Ben Kenobi

By Mike — Monday, April 30, 2012

In addition to the spectacular Mythos Darth Maul statue they announced last week, Sideshow also added a gallery of production photos featuring the upcoming Mythos Desert Nomad Ben Kenobi statue. The McGregor version is amazing but the young Alec Guinness version is absolutely stunning and gives an awesome visualization if we bridged the time between Episodes III and IV.

Click here for the gallery.






I could definitely get into

I could definitely get into these if they are at a sub-$250 price point and we get four or five a year.

They're $249.99. I didn't

They're $249.99. I didn't plan on collecting another line of statues but this piece, especially the Guinness head, I must have!

I'm REALLY glad the price was

I'm REALLY glad the price was in line with my thinking. I pre-ordered Maul today. Ben will be a definite buy, too. Vader might be the only pass for me, so bring on Boba! Well done, Sideshow, for successfully competing for my collecting dollars.

That Fett is an automatic

That Fett is an automatic purchase for me! That Maul looks pretty sweet with the alternate grimacing teeth headshot. Can't wait to see this up close at SDCC.