SDCC13: Hasbro Panel Report and Photos

By Mike — Friday, July 19, 2013

Angry Birds is a bonafide hit, and we're going to make another hit with Angry Birds 2: Telepods. That's the primary message Hasbro wanted to convey in today's SDCC panel. The Rovio app and mash up has been the highest rated Angry Birds game ever and reached the top of the charts in 115 countries. That's a pretty big accomplishment, and one that should enamor the franchise to a lot of younger fans, which has been their overall strategy.

The latest iteration, Angry Birds 2: Telepods, actually integrates play with your Angry Birds figure utilizing QR technology. Just scan the bottom QR code using your mobile phone's camera located in the bottom of the figure and that character automatically jumps into the game. Gimmicky and adds a bit more interactivity.




But if you're a Galactic Hunter visitor, the majority of you would care less. You want Black Series and 3.75 inch news, and sadly, there isn't much. Hasbro admitted they held back on some newer things for Celebration Europe that's less than 2 weeks away, and something Lucasfilm preferred since that's their sanctioned event. This leaves San Diego with some stuff you already know about if you followed our Toy Fair coverage and news and photos from Preview Night. But here's what is new.




Black Series 3.75 inch




The second wave of figures will be arriving in November and include some characters from the cancelled Droid Factory/Episode II assortment and Mara Jade (dig that 80s hair!). This includes:


- Luminara Unduli

- Pablo Jill

- R2-D2 Episode II

- Stormtrooper

- Clone Trooper

- Mara Jade




Black Series 6 inch




The news for this assortment is a little more exciting and promising, with the second wave consisting of Han Solo, who's even accessorized with a Stormtrooper belt, Slave Leia, Greedo, and Boba Fett. The head sculpts on Han and Leia are quite amazing and demonstrates what a larger canvas can accomplish for Hasbro's artist. Boba Fett is the same exact figure as the Comic-Con exclusive, so there's no grief for you if you couldn't pick one up. Unless you really wanted the exclusive Han Carbonite, which I imagine most of you do. 


The second wave is scheduled to ship in December.


Even bigger news for the 6 inch assortment is the expansion into vehicles with the announcement of a Speeder Bike, and we presume a Biker Scout, in Fall 2014. Hasbro was quick to emphasize that a 6 inch scale Sail Barge was not going to happen in this life or the next.




Saga Legends




The second wave of your basic 5 points of articulation but with really good sculpting assortment won't be arriving until next February, but here's what's on tap:


- Boba Fett

- CW Captain Rex

- Ep IV Stormtrooper

- CW Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ep VI Jedi Luke Skywalker




Mission Series




The Mission Series 2 packs will also continue in February with:


- Tantive IV with C-3PO and R2-D2

- Mandalore with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul

- Death Star with Han Solo and Chewbacca









Everything presented has been already reported on save the one additional detail about the Amazon exclusive Droid Factory set. It's not going to be a multipack assortment after all! Hasbro instead will release these six figures, originally planned for this year's cancelled Legacy Collection Factory, in their nixed Droid Factory blister cards and sold as a set for $59.99. The six figures together will build TC-70.


The Droid Factory assortment will be released sometime in the Fall, according to Hasbro, but you can pre-order yours today at Amazon. 


Thank you Hasbro for preventing my planned dumpster dive for that cancelled packaging and allowing it to see new, albeit limited, life as an Amazon exclusive.


We'll be updating with anything new that comes along, so keep checking back for coverage!


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