SDCC13: Gentle Giant Supersizes Jumbo

By Mike — Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gentle Giant came in with all hands on deck for this year's Comic-Con. With 9 exclusives and 4 being Star Wars, GG wanted to make a splash this year. Their other non-Star Wars licenses that include The Walking Dead and their proprietary Honey Trap line are doing phenomenally well. But an assortment that has been steadily growing and gaining more fans is their Jumbo Vintage Kenner line. When the Jumbo line first started in 2010 with the Stormtrooper, many wondered how the concept will catch on with fans, especially fans with dwindling space. Catch on it has and Gentle Giant appears determined to push the envelope on how far and how big they can go.



Despite the success if the Jumbo assortment, the minibust line continues to be the main driver for Gentle Giant. On display are the Premier Guild Exclusive Darth Vader and Mace Windu. Mace was the first of many, many minibusts that launched the line over 10 years ago, and this time he has arms and a lightsaber. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder Pilot, and Darth Malgus were also on display. 




Thrawn has force repelling yasalamiri coiled around his neck and Malgus, Luke, and Vader each are brandishing their respective lightsabers. Luke is a Deluxe minibust that comes with 2 sets of interchangeable arms. The Premier Guild exclusive comes with three sets of interchangeable arms, the exclusive arms being the lightsaber variant. All three are scheduled to ship in Q4.


The Imperial Seal is the latest entry for the bookend assortments and is scheduled to ship in Q1 2014.





There's exciting news and a couple of new reveals in the statue front. Accompanying the already announced Clone Wars realistic Tartakovsky inspired "Snow Bunny" Amidala is a spectacular Yoda statue based on his "look" from the groundbreaking 2003 series. Gentle Giant artisans really captured Padme's portrait well, and this statue is easily one of the highlights of the year.


Also revealed is a new Animated Holiday Special Boba Fett maquette that we have absolutely no complaints about. This animated style fills a niche of its own and many collectors have focused their GG collection primarily towards this assortment because they are so well done.





The Jumbo assortment continues and does so in a spectacularly huge fashion. Gentle Giant forays into Hoth for this go around with a new Hoth Luke, Hoth Rebel Trooper and a 22 inch tall Wampa (shipping Q2 2014). The Wampa will be in package inspired by the Kenner original, only huger.





There won't be a special Holiday edition minibust this year, and after that Jar Jar experiment in 2012, maybe that's a good thing. Gentle Giant will instead offer a Holiday Edition Jumbo Kenner Yoda that is inspired by that iconic Lucasfilm greeting card from eons ago.





When we first saw the 6 foot tall Mega-sized Jumbo Stormtrooper in Gentle Giant's booth, we thought it was a cool prop. But it's actually the first of a new assortment that's scheduled to be released later this year. It's a perfect action figure, if you were say Gulliver sized, but for earthling scale people like us, this piece, quoting Jerry McGuire, completes me. The Stormtrooper comes with movable arms and a separate scaled HUGE Kenner vintage blaster. You complete me twice over GG.


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