SDCC Exclusives - Expect To Announce the Time Tuesday

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, July 25, 2016

Update: August 9!  Be there!

Correction: While we don't have a time or date yet, we're told to expect to post the date of sale for its remaining SDCC 2016 exclusives Tuesday.   This would include any remaining 6-inch Jyn Erso (standard figure with photos, unique packaging), Obi-Wan Kenobi (unique packaging and electornic accessory), and Rilo Kiley (Kylo Ren helmet, unmasked head, unique package, Vader helmet, base, flag).   At press time I do not have a confirmation that variant head Kylo Ren is or isn't coming out down the road - so you may want to keep reloading to get these, whenever that time may be.

No 3 3/4-inch figures were sold at the show.  (For Star Wars.)  Fans of Micronauts were treated to the first-ever Hasbro figures - interestingly, manufactured in Vietnam just like the newest and bestest Transformers - as well as many Marvel figures, a really crafty Transformers Soundwave that turns into an iPad like Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, some Ponies, some Magic: The Gathering, and more.  It was a good show, is what I'm getting at.