Review: CW13 Captain Rex (Phase II Armor)

By Mike — Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The standard brand bearer and primary clone for The Clone Wars series gets an update in 2012 that transitions him into Phase II armor. The new Captain Rex looks absolutely magnificent, with great sculpting, awesome deco and weathering detail, and shares some parts with CW2 Phase II Clone Trooper. What he lacks in articulation (8 points), Rex certainly makes some up for in aesthetics. But will that make the cut for pose happy collectors?



Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Appearance: The Clone Wars
Sequence: CW13
Includes: 2 DC-17 Hand Blasters, Firing Rocket Launcher and projectile, Galactic Battle Game Card, Die, Stand
Action Feature: Firing Rocket Launcher!
Retail: $8.99
Released: April 2012

Bio:  During the Clone Wars, Captain Rex is Anakin Skywalker's second-in-command. The tough, free-thinking soldier commands the 501st Legion in many battles against the Droid Army. A seasoned fighter, Rex opens fire with his blaster, destroying one Battle Droid after another in the fight to save the Republic. [IMAGE BANK PHOTOS]


SCULPT/PAINT: The sculpt is excellent, re-using the torso of the CW2 Clone Trooper. But the greatness stops above the waist as he lacks any knee or ankle articulation to achieve more than upright poses. 

The Phase II non-removable helmet looks delightful with some superb paint detail and ops including nicely applied kill marks and a non-articulating rangefinder. It can be argued that the helmet may look a tad bigger than it should be, especially with not having a sculpted head underneath, but doesn't take much away from the overall presentation. The kill marks don't stop with the helmet as Hasbro applies even more on his forearms and shins to good effect. Rex clearly sent a lot of Battle Droids to the salvage yards. 














The detail in the paint deco is so outstanding that it's easily best in class for this assortment. There are some really well done battle and weathering accents on this figure, but if we were to quibble about one slight flaw, it's that the helmet looks a little whiter and less dirtier than the rest of his armor which somewhat pops out under certain lighting conditions.

Rex's pauldron is removable if you're inclined and both hand blasters fit snuggly in his hands. The rear insertion for the CW2 Clone Rocket Pack attachment is still there so he can utilize that Clone's accessory if needed like Commander Wolffe.


ARTICULATION: Now to the minimalist 8 points of articulation. If you're happy with your figures standing perfectly straight and achieving some decent arm poses and neck turns, Rex will not disappoint. He's got ball hinged shoulders and elbows, a swivel waist and hips, but no wrist articulation. There's a gaping question in terms of the $9 value proposition when compared to  other earlier figures in the assortment that are more articulated, accessorized, and feature rich. For such an action oriented and dynamic character, it's a shame to have such a limited range of motion. This wonderful sculpt is very underserved by the limited posability.




ACCESSORIES: The standard and oft included missile projectile firing rocket launcher that's been packed in with several other past Clone figures is here as an action accessory. You can better balance this figure with this big bazooka since he has no leg joints that can sway and unbalance. Rex is also armed with his standard DC-17 blasters that fit in the functional holsters as well as a removable pauldron for some variety and different looks.




Components for the Galactic Battle Game are packed in with each 2012 Clone Wars figure that include a tan Star Wars action figure stand with an insertion for the  character card on the back. The character card and six sided game die feature all the icons for the character's "life force" or hit points. Rex is particularly strong in his Battle and Mechanical skills and appropriately so.


CARDBACK/PACKAGING: It's the Movie Heroes/Clone Wars/Discover The Force unified cardback. The Maul graphic that graces the front is the theme for 2012's Phantom Menace 3D release. A character and figure photo along with bio and affiliation data are featured on the back of the card as well as images of other figures in the assortment. Call it short attention span, the need for new gratification, or stale bottlenecked distribution, but this line look is nearing shelf life appeal expiration six months since its debut.















TOPPING THINGS OFF: It's hard not to love this new rendition of Captain Rex. The deco is fantastically detailed and spot on. The sculpt aesthetics, with some parts shared, are exceptionally pieced together. But like Commander Wolffe, you can't help but think that there's a better, more articulated Phase II Captain Rex figure somewhere in our collecting future (if Hasbro decided to continue Clone Wars beyond Season 5), where you can have your cake and super-posability too.



RATING: CARGO HOLD (3.5 out of 5 Bounty Points)