Red Kithaba Update

By Mike — Friday, June 8, 2012

Want to know what the real deal is with that hard to find Kithaba variant? Is it even real or the product of some deviant customizers? We have an update for you!

We were able to confirm through a reliable source that the red bandana Kithaba variant is an actual Hasbro running change requested by Lucasfilm, perhaps as a nod to the Kenner action figure. Look for this to appear in current and future case assortments if you haven't spotted him already, but based on what's availabe on eBay, it's still pretty scarce.

Happy Galactic Hunting and make sure to let us know if and where you found one!



UPDATE: Paul H. gives us the scoop on how he was able to get his red variant:

Brown headband from amazon.  Red came from Brian's toys one of every figure which was probably the revision case with wedge since I got wedge along with Luke Hoth Nom Anor Aayla Dr Evazan  501st trooper clone wars anakin.