Q&A: Think Big: Big Vehicles, Big Figures, Big Television, and Other Big Ideas

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, April 8, 2012

So let's talk about vehicles, and get a little less optimistic for 2012 in that department. Why isn't Hasbro better exploiting TV series based on its core properties for new toys? A fine question. And why hasn't Hasbro given us a Marvel Legends-ish line yet? Would someone please tell me, because I'd like to know in this week's Q&A!

1. Any insight in to future case assortments for Class II vehicles? Any chance we'll actually see a Mandalorian Assault Transport vehicle at retail? I know you can/could buy these online, but I'm not sure I've heard of someone getting this at local retail.

I get that Hasbro is trying to milk old molds and repaints for fat cash, but the newer vehicles have been incredibly scarce. Along with the never seen Mandalorian Assault Transport, I don't think I saw the Republic Cannon more than once or twice at retail. I'm not sure why they don't put the newer vehicles in more case assortments.

In your infinite toy wisdom, can you explain?

The last few months basically shows that when it comes to midsize vehicles, either we can't see the big picture or Hasbro's asleep at the wheel. The Vintage Class II vehicles are straight repacks, more or less dooming it to package completists and kids who missed the figures only. The new Phantom Menace vehicles are a mix of vehicles that are cheaper to buy on eBay, and two of them-- Sebulba's Pod Racer and Anakin's Pod Racer-- do not have compatible pilot figures available anywhere this year. Sebulba is only in a hard-to-find exclusive which basically has yet to be properly distributed, and no Anakin was sold to fit the cockpit. In short, Hasbro has successfully set the stage to kill this assortment by Q3 2012 if it wants to.

With that in mind, I don't know if Hasbro plans on repacking scarce vehicles or not. A Vintage repack of the Mandalorian Assault Transport makes a lot of sense-- it would look awesome-- but I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I have absolutely no data in my hands right now indicating when (or if) future waves of Class II vehicles after the Naboo Fighter will ship.

We may be in the midst of a line shrink, much like we saw in 2003, with fewer SKUs available and some stores not carrying the full line. Walmart is already jettisoning a number of new-for-2012 assortments, so we might be looking at mini vehicles and basic figures in a hsort period of time. Hasbro is aware of the distribution problem, and all I can say for now is that when it comes to the Mando Transport, it's online, Canada, or bust. Multilingual packaging is quite common on eBay, and a reissue of the ship would undoubtedly be at least $25 before tax. With that in mind, if you can get one for $35-$40 on eBay, now may be a good time to do that. (It's a neat vehicle. It's not awesome, but it's fun and I wouldn't feel like a dunce springing $40 for it, if it comes to that.)


2. Why in the world does Hasbro not realize that shows like The Clone Wars and shows like their own GI Joe Renegades have opened up the proverbial flood gates on options for "new character" creation? Endless lists of new figures can and should be made from this show. They have done a good job thus far but what is there bases for the figure choices that they want to sell or feel are profitable? The reason I ask is Hasbro seems to have creatively tapped out (your line from last week's Q&A) based on collector choices yet they still say kids are their number one buyer? What is the deal here? Can you help me understand why they wont make some of these newer characters from the clone wars either as real style or animated figures? I wont list any because there's just too many to count....

The Hasbro of 2012 is not the Hasbro of 1999, or 1984. Today's Hasbro fancies itself a media company and is increasingly obsessed with things like ratings for TV properties and, as always, suits seem to be dictating things in the line that aren't obvious to us from the outside. (This is my diplomatic way of saying "Derryl knows the score, someone must be undermining him or something.") So let's tackle this one by one.

Why no Renegades? G.I. Joe's new cartoon was pretty much stillborn and the figure line as a whole is having intense problems, with some characters like a new Storm Shadow being impossible to find (I want one and have never seen it) while others like the new Kwinn and Data Viper were canceled after Hasbro showed them to fans at one or more toy conventions. So that whole brand is a clusterfudge and right now, all we can do is hope the movie line is a rip-roaring success that is so hot, Hasbro has to get some of its unreleased figures and/or unreleased Renegades figures out in a hurry as line figure. (Spoiler alert: this will not happen.)

So new characters or no, it doesn't matter. Hasbro decided the show is dead and is moving on to the movie, and even "classic" stuff is suffering.

With The Clone Wars, again, the ratings are low and Hasbro (and Lucasfilm) are shifting their energies to the 3D movie reissues right now. Seeing the clearances and massive amounts of buy-one-get-one-half-off deals in the last couple of weeks, my guess is this didn't work. (I don't blame them for backing the movie, but well, look at it.) The animated line is packed with awesome new characters but Hasbro is hell-bent on not giving them the most sensible distribution, with some characters that should be poor sellers (Darth Sidious) getting the same awful distribution as clones that kids and collectors may actually recognize and ask for (Commander Bly). We've seen precious few figures given a second lease on life, with Aayla Secura and Hondo Ohnaka being two "rare" figures getting reissues in the last couple of years. Heck, if you look at the first two waves of 2012, pretty much everything is a new version of an existing character, with the only figure making its animated toy debut is Boss-- and this makes his third figure, although his first-ever non-exclusive release.

So I guess my answer is this: Hasbro isn't interested in exploiting the figures it made to the fullest extent possible, and most likely one of the suits say "Jedi and clones sell, so just focus on the big winners," missing the point of a diverse line being what draws in fans, collectors, and (hopefully) a returning collector generation after they grow up and get jobs. With this line Hasbro has left a lot of money on the table, and while I don't know the reasons for this (or if I do, I don't fully understand what it is I'm seeing and neither do any other collectors) all I can say is that it seems we're seeing the line handled in such a way that the armchair quarterback toy fans like me and you and the rest could see this as being a problem a year in advance. Like when they announced a new Malakili in 2009... what were they thinking? We don't know. But we do know the line is going to suffer a bit as a result, as this "only 19 figures, old or new" business is showing-- at this rate we're going to be done for the year before school lets out for summer.

The upside is a smaller selection of figures usually means better distribution. If you look at the three waves of Clone Wars at the online shops which sell by the case, you'll note that Cody, Anakin, and the ROTS-style clone got carried forward to wave 2, and the new entries from wave 2 (Boss, Rex, and Obi-Wan) actually are being brought back for wave 3. Assuming Hasbro holds to its 19 carded figure tally, there should be one more wave of basic figures with 2 "new" (possibly repackaged) figures.

So with that in mind, I guess what I'm saying is yes, the TV shows are basically massive treasure troves of fantastic newness, but that doesn't even matter because Hasbro can't quite seem to handle the lines in a manner that you or me or even worse, the average kid can handle. If we can't find stuff, kids can't find stuff, and if kids can't find stuff, they have no reason to pay any attention to the line. If I were a parent right now, I'd probably look at Clone Wars and say "No, don't get any of these, these are just like the figures we bought you last year." Clones and newly-sculpted Jedi of existing characters in existing outfits is not an enticing purchase, particularly when Hasbro could have (and should have) saved money just reissuing the 2010 Anakin and Obi-Wan again. (Even though, yes, the new sculpts look like they're pretty good.)

...all the doom and gloom aside, this is normal for the toy business. Hasbro has made it difficult to get several items from its Transformers, Iron Man 2, and Indiana Jones lines recently (yes, even more difficult than Star Wars) and Mattel's treatment of Masters of the Universe from 2002-2004 is textbook toy frustration. Generally, if a brand can survive these things it should come out for the better, although I'd say Transformers has been flailing since early 2011 as new product goes and the He-Man relaunch of 2002 really never got "better" during its all-too-brief run.


3. Adam, not sure if you have already touched on this but I am wondering if there is any differences (paint, parts, etc.) between the just released pod racer vehicles and the ones from the original Phantom Menace toys 10+ years ago. Also if you would also hit on the differences in the soon to be released Naboo fighter and the old one.

The Naboo Fighter is the only complete new mold, but the AAT is a heavily modified version of the original. (With some new tooling that renders one of the included stickers worthless.) The Sebulba Pod Racer has new labels and is more vibrantly colored, while Anakin's Pod Racer is brighter as well, and certain elements are molded in color rather than painted silver. You can definitely tell the difference if you put them side-by-side.

If you want figures which can actually fit in the Pod Racers, you'll need to buy the 1999 originals anyway-- the pack-in Anakin and Sebulba were designed with the vehicles in mind. Hasbro's 2012 selections for the characters do not fit without a lot of cramming, Sebulba in particular is too large and Anakin's hands don't fit on the controls. If you get either vehicle and figure from 1999, they'll fit just fine. Oh, and they're like half the asking price of the new ones. Nicely done, Hasbro.

The 2012 Naboo Fighter is a completely new mold-- so it has an astromech socket, and I believe is slightly longer than the original.


4. I'm cool with the release of the MTT. I would have preferred animated Battel Droids but I'm good with it. Also would have rather had a Sith Infiltrator on the big scale as this is the year of Darth Maul, a Sandcrawler (really why not ...we are gettign the MTT) or another Clone vehicle but this is what we have. Do you know of any whispers of a big one for 2013? You may not be able to say what it is even if you have heard the slightest thing, but can you at least say you have heard there is something on tap? No doubt it would have to be in development right now if there is. Just hoping if the MTT does tank, Hasbro doesn't think the big vehicles are then off the table. They could just re-release the AT-TE since it is in AOTC (assuming it does arrive in 3-D) or Slave-1 or both. Well there's always another Republic Gunship to be made too.

Well, you can be cool with it, but what I don't get is why so many of you have been writing into me saying "Well we got our first-ever MTT, so Hasbro has got to make a new Sandcrawler!" Where is this leap coming from, particularly when the existing Sandcrawler mold could probably be reused again?

As to 2013? No whispers. Hasbro may be working on it right now, given most big ticket items could be in development for as long as (or longer than) 18 months before they hit stores. We really don't know how Hasbro defines success, or if it even matters with big-ticket items. For all we know these exist solely as a marketing icon to drive attention to the brand and to grab shelf space, propping up Star Wars as another Big Deal for a few more years.

I really really really doubt we'll get another Sandcrawler in the next few years. Hasbro's vehicle tooling library is packed with vehicles which, frankly, they can still exploit-- for the next 4 years alone we've got the AT-TE, Turbo Tank, and Millennium Falcon followed with another grab at the AT-AT. Hasbro may not need or want to do something new, and to be honest, I kind of hope they don't. Of course, if they do, my money is on-- as you mention-- a new Republic Gunship before anything else, that mold is golden and eBay prices seem to be high still.


5. You said that you weren't sure of the future of action figures considering the costs were rising while the price of video games is continually dropping, making them more and more an alternative for those hard fought kiddy allowance dollars. I wondered in the light of that what you thought of Skylanders.

They seem to have created something very popular with a foot in both the action figure and video game camps.

Given that Star Wars is popular as both action figures and video games, and that Hasbro likes to pull inspiration from other companies' hit new thing (Squinkies vs Fighter Pods, etc) do you think Skylanders might point to a possible future for Star Wars?

Maybe even something they could do in compatible scale to the existing 3 3/4" line?

It will only happen if Hasbro and Lucasarts, the Lucas software division, play nice. I'm actually more surprised LEGO hasn't done this with the Kinect or iSight, integrating toys kids own into the game if they hold it in front of the camera. It's easy and (other than the long development times for games and toys) it's doable, but man I bet it'd be pricey.

With Skylanders, Activision pretty much runs the show-- they distribute the games and figures, and have the marketing muscle to do this with (more or less) an existing IP with Spyro. There's no reason this couldn't be done with anything, but you really do need to do it in a way that appeals to millions of kids, not tens-to-hundred of thousands of collectors. Oh, and Skylanders are really expensive. You need to buy a game system ($$$), a game package with a device to read the figures ($$), and then new, non-articulated figures ($) to play the game. It's a fad product, it might be a productive fad that lasts 3-5 years, but it's difficult to maintain long-term focus with kids (and their parents) buying and staying in a single brand.

So yes, to answer your question? Sure, this could be done, and Hasbro might even do this in a lower-budget way involving an ARG with a webcam, but Skylanders has a big chunk of software with one of the biggest publishers in the world behind it. The real question is, is it possible that something like this could make Star Wars action figures cool for kids again? I kind of doubt it. I don't get why they didn't do something with Kinect Xbox tying in with Hasbro lightsabers-- the possibilities are endless, Hasbro and Lucas' software teams just aren't going down that road right now.

There really aren't many competitors to Skylanders in the game+toy space right now, but my guess is there will be in the next year. Hasbro does like to follow trends (see: Furry Frenzies [Zhu Zhu Pets], Bot Shots [Bakugan], Kre-O [LEGO], Fighter Pods [Squinkies], and a few aborted attempts in the vehicle space) and odds are after the success of Skylanders in the last few months, they're working on one or more toy lines similar to it right now. That we may never ever hear about, because, well, most of what goes on at these companies doesn't necessarily see production. When you get right down to it, the success of Skylanders can be tied to engaging the young boy market-- this isn't really college kids or older collectors, but the same group that, over the years, has given life to Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other great properties. Nearly every toy company is working on some sort of iPad integration with its brands (games/movies/etc.) and you'll be seeing these in stores over the next few months. And on clearance racks in or by January. To date (as far as I know) Hasbro hasn't whispered about any Star Wars toys to integrate with any current software platform.



How is the new Republic Attack Dropship? A mix of "excellent" and "whoops." I've never seen Hasbro pack so many play features into a ship this small; the ability to "drop" two figures into battle with adjoining backpacks with big guns was incredibly clever. It can convert into a sort of "landing" mode and a "fighter" mode, it has firing rockets, and it can stand up nicely. Its main fault is figure compatibility, as the canopy is incredibly tight for the included figure and the backpack guns are a little awkward for figures to grasp. As a toy, it does more than most vehicles at twice the price, although since no kid will ever find it, they aren't going to have to worry about that part.

And yeah, at this point I think I'm going to start actively lobbying for a "larger format" figure from Hasbro. I'd like to see if they can out-Matty Mattel in terms of a quality larger action figure, and-- at this point-- I think a new scale, a genuine fresh start may be just the thing to pull in lapse fans and rejigger the system. I mean, I love my 3 3/4-inch babies. I really do. But while I had no problem displaying 100 of them, 2,000 gets tricky. But man, I'd love to see if Hasbro could take the slow approach and crank out something like 150-200 really good 6-7-inch-scale figures. Darth Vader should be able to pal around with Skeletor, the Joker, and Dr. Doom.

At this point, unless there's a licensing (or royalty-eats-the-profit-margins) reason I'm going to guess that Hasbro probably is going to see a point where the price for 3 3/4-inch figures gets high enough where a quality ("quality" means "minimum of 16 points of articulation per") larger figure line may end up being a really good idea, particularly if fans seem really warm to the idea.

This is where you come in.

Do you think this is a good idea? Write in the comments. Post in the forums of your choosing. Write a blog post on your web site, compose an editorial. Oh, and if you hate it? Do the same thing. As of right now I can't imagine being remotely excited for Attack of the Clones 3D product next January-ish. Oh boy, obligatory Clone repaints and if we're lucky, more vehicle reissues? I can't say I'm particularly excited over more of the same, and after seeing what we got for The Phantom Menace the new-to-old ratio wasn't so hot. So Hasbro, if you're reading, why not kick off with a swell 7-inch scale line? Kick off wave 1 with a mix of Attack of the Clones figures like Anakin, Jango, Dooku, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and follow it up with Ahsoka and a few Clone Wars characters in "real" style for wave 2. (And then wait.) I'm game now. I don't think I'd be happy to see another two years of figures with higher prices and reduced articulation-- there shouldn't be an inverse relationship here.

So how about it, Hasbro? For this year, you're giving us Amp'd and Fighter Pods, and while I don't want to sound ungrateful, well, c'mon. How about it?

--Adam Pawlus

Got questions? Email me with Q&A in the subject line now! I'll answer your questions as soon as time (or facts) permit.

I'm not afraid of new...

...it's just that the smaller scale has always been my favorite since I was a kid. G.I.Joes and Star Wars figures have always appealed to me more in that size, and whether a toy line is in that scale usually plays a big factor in whether I buy into it. To me, that's just the definitive scale that a toy should be. Heck, I even picked up the Delorean from Entertainment Earth partly because they mentioned it was compatible with 3.75" figures. (Not that it did me much good, as it's still in the box...)

Edit: Oops... this was meant as a reply to Uki.

Same here, there's just

Same here, there's just something so perfect about the 3.75" scale. I remember when I was a kid and I saw the first images of the POTF2 line, I for some reason expected them to be larger than the originals. When I finally got my hands on them, I was thrilled that they were the "proper" size.

...and that's perfectly fine! :)

I think we can all agree-the 3.75 inch line is legendary and awesome. Some of us just want it to feel fun again (while others are still enjoying it).
For me, a "Classics" line would pull me in. :)

Not another line!

Alright. I may be in the minority here, but to tell the truth, I wouldn't want to start a whole second collection of figures. I like the 3.75" figures because we get to enjoy things like vehicles and creatures. And for those of you saying that you want a smaller collection of larger figures so it saves room... you can probably pick out those same characters and display them in a smaller space with your current 3.75" figures.

The only thing that's keeping me from being burnt out is the small trickle of new characters being introduced into the line. I know that Hasbro can't support characters that are too obscure, but I really think they dropped the ball on the comic two packs and I would gladly pay $20 to $25 a pop for a comic two pack with a pair or really cool figures. A Han Solo at Stars End pack with Han and Bollux or a Shadows of the Empire Dash Rendar and Leebo would have been great sets, but we never got the chance.

If the smaller scale line dies, I would probably be satisfied with what I had (it's been a great run) and stop collecting. If I did want to keep going, I'd probably go the direction of Star Wars Legos rather than 6" figures.

Well, truth be told, it's not

Well, truth be told, it's not just the "wanting a smaller collection" driving this 6" Legends/Classics desire (for me, at least.)

I want a clean break from the 4" scale, which was only ever instituted as a companion line (aka a selling point) for vehicles. I'm all done with big vehicles, (although a select set of smaller scale vehicles - like the staggering MOTUC Wind Raider would be great - imagine a 6" scale Landspeeder or Speeder Bike.)

I also want the increased detail and quality that is possible at 6".

I want a reboot of the Star Wars brand, personally, and I think the Legends.Classics treatment is the way to go.

And most importantly: It doesn't have to replace the current "Vintage Collection".

It'd just be in addition to it. Just like Marvel Universe and Legends. You can go into many stores right now and have your choice of a 4" or 6" Constrictor or Steve Rogers. And one is clearly superior in the craft department then the other.

That's what I want, at least.

Dub, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I agree on all points-this wouldn't have to replace anything. SW has always boasted multiple skus. Just now we have Movie Heroes, Vintage, Clone Wars, Transformers, Fighter Pods, and the preschoolers' Jedi Force. SWClassics could slip in as one of these as they go by the wayside. Vehicles such as a landspeeder, speeder bike, or even a ride-on tauntaun would be as far as I'd take vehicles here. I like the Collect-And-Connect notion-and figures could also come with great small-fry additions: mouse droids, mynocks, interrogation droids, holographic projections, Sith probe droids, kouhun centipedes... I'd love swappable heads too. For example, Vader could boast a normal helmet, removable helmet, and a Dagobah/Dark Side Spirit head with blasted open face to reveal "Luke!" Chewie could come with heads dedicated to his different looks. Leia could come with her cinna-buns and up-do from Empire's end. Han and Luke could get heads with gunner station headsets. I
I'd pack goodies in to make each release the definitive, no-do-overs version for that character (in that costume) for this scale. (Imagine Vader's robes and armor able to switch over/under to complete his ANH and beyond looks.) :)
This is fun to think about-I wish it would come true!!!
Has anyone else started stumping in other places to gauge interest? I'd love to help bang drums elsewhere...

I started a thread on

I started a thread on Rebelscum, but I think there's some hostility over there to this concept. But we'll see.


But Adam is one of the founders of the online Star Wars feast, so his weight might move some opinions. Would love to see this get floated up to Pawtucket.

I voiced my support Over at RS...

Some people are just afraid of anything new, and we know what fear leads to... ;)


Build-A-Figures! Imagine a collect-and-connect Jabba, Wampa, you-name-it! (You'd have to get a Jabba in the line.) I can't think of any other "musts" as far as that range would go right now during Hermione's 3am feeding...Porkins? ;)

Collect & Connect

A BAF or CNC concept would be a completely natural fit. Probot, Jabba, Wampa, Tauntaun, Muftak, Ephant Mon, etc. It'd be totally rad.

Just had the thought of a 6" Gammorean Guard enter my head. Epic.

Why keep pushing the prequel era?

If there's any proof that OT figures sell better than Prequel toys, just look at the pegs of Vintage figures. Sure, there might be 1 or 15 Dengars still there but you'll also see a ton of Phantom Menace figures Lucas is hellbent on selling. This is the first time since the Vintage collection debuted that you could still find a complete wave on the pegs months after their release.

And when they finally do something innovative like the light-up sabers, where do they put them first? On Prequel characters, not OT characters.

I just don't understand why Lucas keeps treating the Original Trilogy like a hated step-child.

I haven't done the math, but

I haven't done the math, but if anyone would like to I'm quite curious what the ratio of OT to PT has been over the last few years. I know the answer is "never enough" when it comes to the OT, but in a prequel "movie year," I'd be stunned if they skipped Jango or Maul or Grievous.

I would argue that the vintage problem you're seeing with 2012 wave 1 is probably the same as Dengar-- remember, not just Dengar but many, MANY figures from 2010 Vintage Wave 1 were pretty common for a while, and they're all from ESB. With few exceptions, in any line, wave 1 is always a pain and overproduced-- and this TPM wave, with a new 5-digit SKU (and a new DPCI at Target) is a new wave 1 even though it doesn't look like it to the average fan. The computers don't know any better and new product gets good support, so yeah, argh.

About 50/50

I did the math a few months back, and prior to the unusually large (12 figures) TPM wave, the OT/PT split for TVC was pretty close to even. I think.

Prequel Stuff...

That's all selling fantastically in my area, so I suppose your mileage may vary. The kiddos eat that stuff up-but I would agree that I'd be more interested in seeing such a line launch with some ANH goodness. I'd love to see a "Wave 1" of Vader, Chewie, Luke, and Han. Just my thoughts though... :)

I really dont understand the

I really dont understand the people who say they wont buy this line because of space. Obviously a line like this wouldnt go as deep as the 3 3/4 line....look at stuff like Marvel Legends or DC Universe or Masters of the Universe. All you need are a couple of shelves and you can display 20-30 figures easy. I've got 150 DC Universe figures on 3 shelves of a bookcase EASY. Due to the cost of tooling and sculpting,I wouldnt even expect a line like this to GO that deep....no way would they be able to give us figures of Jabba or creatures or vehicles. But a line of the main characters? They could do that for a couple of years easy. Start with ANH...then do Lando and Boba Fett as well as the requisite Luke,Han,Leia re-releases for Empire. Throw in Slave Leia,The Emperor,and some Ewoks for ROTJ,maybe some Bounty Hunters and call it a day. I honestly think that a line like that would appeal to both collectors and casual fans alike and rekindle interest in the brand much like the return of the 3 3/4 figures in the 90's did.

I personally know A LOT of fans who dont even buy toys who would snap up a 6 inch Star Wars line in a heartbeat. Look at the success of the MOTU line(even with Mattels constant screwups). Those figures run over $30 with shipping,and they've managed to make and sell out of some of the most obscure characters in that line....and you KNOW there are way more people willing to pay that for a 6 inch Boba Fett than there are fans of characters like Fisto and Slushhead and whoever the hell that giant eye-ball figure was that they made a few years ago.This would be the biggest thing to happen to Star Wars toys in a longtime...if it were to happen.


That's exactly right! The rekindling of stagnant fires for those of us who were simply burned out by the sheer magnitude of the 3.75 inch collection. I love it to death and appreciate it for all it's done, but something fresh is what it's going to take to get me back on board. Otherwise, I'm only good for the Ewoks from here on out, which could be sooner than later.

Count me out

While it may be a good way to help draw in a new crowd, personally there's just no way I would buy any larger scale figures. Like you mentioned, it's already hard enough to try and display what I have. How would I deal with a group of larger figures? Plus, I just really don't have it in me to start a whole new Star Wars collection. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

I reached a point about six

I reached a point about six months ago, which was the end point in a long series of downgrades, where I had just had it with 4" Star Wars figures. So I unloaded nearly everything I had (save for my run of Vintage Collection carded figures; I think they're on they're way too though), and broke about even (more or less) using eBay auctions. It was just too much crap sitting in storage. Now I have a select collection, and add one or two pieces a month, using the money I made off eBay. It brought in about $6000, all told, after fees.

And I will always unload some stuff once or twice a year, as my interests shift. I went from holding onto everything forever to just letting go, downsizing and enjoying a smaller stash. I have found it infinitely more pleasant, and whenever I eventually move life will be leagues easier.

So the idea of 10-20 superior 6" Star Wars figures totally rekindles my excitment for SW collecting, which is deader'n Dillinger at the moment.

Yeah, I've been doing that as

Yeah, I've been doing that as well. I pretty much have only kept figures from either the cantina or Jabba's palace and a few other figures. There's just something about larger scale figures that has never appealed to me, even as a kid. Apparently it's just me though, as everyone else seems pretty excited by this proposition :P

I have about 500 figures on

I have about 500 figures on ebay right at this moment. Although it's a little painful to give up so many years in this hobby, the line has become a burden rather than an interest. The Vintage stuff will stay (new and original) but everything else just isn't worth hanging onto any more.

Star Wars Classics

Oh, heck yes-Greedo is a must! I just (well, right before taking a nice long nap with my newborn daughter) typed up a thread supporting this idea over at He-Man.org. Following the Vintage lineup could be cool-I'd even say using a modern update to the style it followed, with a bit less focus on likenesses. I know you like the toylike aspects of recent stuff, Adam. I agree. This could be a true Star Wars Classics-very much akin to our latest darling, the MOTUC line. :)

The thread for anyone

Its time for Star Wars Legends!!!

Longtime lurker,first-time poster just to throw my support behind this idea....I would LOVE to see Hasbro try their hand at a 6 inch highly articulated Marvel Legends style Star Wars line. I know they think they've already done this with the Unleashed line,but those were statues. Start slow and go from there...give us a Stormtrooper(which will inspire army buliders to buy LOTS) Vader,Luke,Han,Leia,Chewie and the Droids. The only problem I see for that is that Hasbro(and Mattel)like to reuse A LOT of the same parts/tools and a lot of SW figures would require all new tooling...which is a lot more expensive in the larger scale. So the real question is...how much would you be willing to pay for 6 inch Star Wars figures? $20? $25? What if they were sold online like the Mattel sub figures for $30 plus shipping? I think I'd be willing if they were done nice enough.....

Amen to a Classics-Style SW line!

Adam, I'm throwing my full support behind the idea of a six/seven inch SW line akin to MOTUC, DCUC, or Marvel Legends. I contacted you about it last week too-I'm just burned out on the 3.75 inchers. Collecting it had become more work than fun, and I have been focused on the MOTUC line since its inception. As a SW fan first and foremost, however, I could be quite happy with getting a line of these-say 10-12 figures a year. The idea of starting out with AOTC figures next year would work, sure, but starting with the core cast of ANH would perhaps be a less risky approach. If the line failed (for whatever reason), at least we'd get the group of characters most fans would demand most. Forget all the scene-specific variations, too: this line would work based on the simplicity of the Vintage line. (I'd argue that it doesn't even need to get as in depth-I'd keep it to core characters and only get as obscure as certain cantina patrons and Ewoks or the odd podracer or Jabba's Palace goon.) just my 2 cents, though! :)
I'll start banging the drum at He-Man.Org, too! :)

I just think it needed to get

I just think it needed to get to a point where, as some have said, we had to get where a $20 figure could be seen as decent. (I am pointing my fingers to Hasbro Marvel Legends as the model for pricing when it comes to a similar Star Wars line.)

And sure, Cantina guys and the like would probably be a good way to go. I would love to see Hasbro treat it like the vintage Kenner line from 1978-1985, with core players and a few other guys to keep things interesting. If I didn't get Greedo, I'd be disappointed!

1:12 Star Wars figures

Not exactly what you have in mind, but did you see these prototypes for 1:12 Star Wars figures from ThreeA Toys last year? http://powet.tv/powetblog/2011/07/21/sdcc-2011-preview-night-6-inch-star...

(They have well-tailored cloth costumes and would cost about a bazillion dollars apiece, but they are pretty awesome.)

I don't know if they got a

I don't know if they got a license for this one, from what I gathered this was a pitch to Japan and I haven't heard much yet. And well, we already got bazillion dollar 1:6 scale cloth outfit figures. I'm hoping for plastic.

Ashley Wood & Co. did not get

Ashley Wood & Co. did not get the license. My understanding is that 3a was trying to swing a sub-sub-contract from Sideshow (which is now the distributor for 3A toys outside of Asia) in much the same way that Hot Toys did for their upcoming 1:6 Bespin Luke.

I agree that plastic would be the way to go, just figured these were worth mentioning since we were discussing 1:12 Star Wars.

Wow. Never seen those.

Wow. Never seen those. That's precisely what I want.

Look how shiny that Stormtrooper is!


This is the first time I've

This is the first time I've seen these too. They look incredible, and if a line like that could be sustained for at least several years, I would buy into it. Definitely need something like this to compete for my dollars, which are going toward high-end statues and prop replicas as of late.

Star Wars Legends/Classics

I'm very glad you're getting behind this concept, as I think this should be the future of the collector end of the Star Wars line (and I've been stumping for it over on RS for about a year now.)

When I look at my MOTUC collection or "marvel" at those current Marvel Legends figures, and then try imagine what a 6" Greedo, Jawa or Stormtrooper would look like... it gets me really excited again in a way that I frankly haven't been for the brand in years.

4" has been a good 35 year run. Time for a reboot at 6"+. 4" was to support a vehicle line. I want a characters line.

(And for the record, I also want an ARAH-era "GI Joe Classics" 6" line as well.)

If they can improve upon

If they can improve upon their POTJ Mega Action figures, which if I recall didnt do fantastically well, with the quality of detail and sculpt seen with the 6 inch Unleashed figure (ines) it may work. But the strength of the 3.75 inch scale has always been the ecosystem with compatible vehicles and playsets. If they're figures just for figures sake, and compete with my diminishing budget for busts, statues, Sixth Scale figures, and such, it will be novelty/niche for me and Hasbro would have to commit and do something really special with a new assortment like this to compete for my dollars.

That was the line with the

That was the line with the 1:12 Droideka, wasn't it? That was a pretty great toy.

They were great toys. It also

They were great toys. It also included a Darth Maul and Obi Wan Kenobi. Again, if they infuse Unleashed type detail, we may have something here.