Q&A: Hoth Happenings, Huge Collections, Quitting, and E.T. Again

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebration V is this week and the rumor is that the live action show is on hold forever!  What can we talk about?  How about yet more people quitting collecting?  We could see how you should say certain names, and even if Hasbro may draw inspiration from other licensors.  We’ve even got some interesting stuff—read on!

1. Dear irate old crank, I don’t even collect the Hasbro line anymore because of the vast ginormousness of it and my inability not to collect everything in a line, and I agree with them running out of characters to do and I think the expanded universe may be the only place left for them to look.  [trimmed for space]I myself would love to see pilots from the briefing room in Jedi, or more cantina patrons or a bunch of no name clones in camouflage biker scout armor {ala ROS} to be used in a make believe bunker scene from Jedi {maybe then the Ewoks wouldn’t have been so devastating on all that white armor in the middle of the forest}.  As for the alien senators idea from TPM how about the senate seat with all of the E.T.’s in it?


I think pilots, clones, troopers, and Cantina aliens are basically a sure thing throughout the remaining run of the line. These are things that keep people coming back, just like Ewoks and the odd critter from Jabba’s palace.

As to the E.T.s, licensing is an issue here.  The characters were done as a cameo, a joke.  They’re there as a funny nod from one master of cinema to another.  The characters are not owned by Lucasfilm, and since the movie was made and distributed by another studio this is a licensing can of worms that, most likely, would not be worth opening for the sake of a single action figure.  (Or a 3-pack, whatever.)  Unless Spielberg asked Lucas to make it happen, I can pretty much guarantee that the world of business will prevent these figures from ever happening within the Hasbro action figure line.

2. Do you know of an pronunciation guide for Star Wars characters' names, either online or in print?  I think one of the Essential Guides had a guide for alien species names (I just found out recently that "Twi'lek" is apparently pronounced "Twee-lek," and not "TWI-lek"), but what about character names?  Specifically, how does one pronounce "Deliah Blue"?  Is it "Deal-i-uh," like I say it, or "De-LIE-luh," or something else?  Same goes for "Jariah Syn," "Marasiah Fel," and others.  Any help would be appreciated!


No guide book exists, but you can generally find out from the authors of the books in question.  Also, remember that character names are not pronounced consistently within the films, Leia being a fine example.  In the original film, her name is said multiple ways, and like her accent it seems to change from scene to scene.

“Coruscant” has had different ways of being said, as has Boba Fett.  The long and short of it is that you’re going to get it wrong sometimes, and if anyone corrects you, take solace that they probably don’t have it right either.

3. The new [2010 Target exclusive] Hoth Battle Packs unveiled at Comic Con — is the turret new, or is it  the same as released in the [2007 Ultimate] Target Hoth Battle Pack?


It has indeed been altered (at least in deco) enough that I consider it a worthwhile new purchase.  The large Radar Laser Cannon in that set is completely new, combined with the three figures it would seem the Rebel set is the superior of the two coming out later this year.

4. Do you think Hasbro takes Que from sideshow and gentle giant or vise verse?

I ask this because it seems lately that whatever figures are on the horizon a 12 inch premium or a statue comes along with it.

The visionaries Maul comic pack and premium format statue come to mind.

This is NOT a bad thing at all because I can only imagine what that endor rebel trooper is going to look like in the vintage collection!

But do you suppose they share secrets with one another or go, wow that a cool Idea can we barrow it!


There is definitely some influence going back and forth, especially as some concepts are fleshed out by the manufacturers when Lucasfilm reference is lacking.  Hasbro might get to develop a character’s gun, or Sideshow might show us the belt in detail for the first time.  With the unique cyborg Maul, well, I would say they both just pinched that from the comics, and they’ve all been considering it for years.   Frankly, I’m surprised no bust exists of that design yet, those longer horns are pretty neat.

We’ve seen Gentle Giant take some big cues from Kenner lately, specifically with their Blue Snaggletooth statue and the giant “Kenner” figures debuted at Comic-Con this year.  Certain items are arguably more important than the aspect of the film that inspired them, so it’s important to remind people of those old products—specifically, Kenner’s toy line—rather than say “here’s a big blue dude in silver boots.”

As to the Endor Rebel, Hasbro has said they took inspiration from Sideshow on their upcoming trooper.  So there you go!

5. I'm trying to put together a diorama of the Ep IV Cantina scene, but purely from Hasbro/Kenner products (rather than customized items).  What do you recommend as being the definitive pieces of the cantina, and what are best to be used for the seats/table for Han/Greedo, etc.?  I appreciate any help and insight you have on how to make this diorama as perfect as possible!


Based on the Star Wars Technical Journalblueprints, the Hasbro cardboard pop-up diorama is your best bet.  While not perfect, it has most of the elements in a fairly display-friendly manner.   The item was available as a mail-in premium in 1997 and saw retail release in 1999.   It’s pretty cheap, and I give it high marks in terms of usefulness.

The plastic Cantina sections aren’t accurate, as (as far as I can tell) there are no stools at the bar in this sequence.  Why they made them, I don’t know, but they look neat.  These sections have been sold in various forms since 2002, with the “corner pieces” seeing release in 2007.

If you really want to, you can cobble the two together but the process is going to involve scissors, screwdivers, and tears.  I’m not much for labor or crying, so I’d say go with the cardboard one and call it a day.


I may be going to Celebration Vwhich is funny, as I was not intending on making the trip.   Surprise!  See you there, I assume.  I’m genuinely curious to see what does or doesn’t get revealed, particularly as items leaked but not announced go.  I’m not a big fan of secrets unless the leak was of an abandoned concept, but that’s me, and it isn’t my job to be in Rhode Island and dictate the future of a mass-market toyline.  (Yet. [OK, ever.])

CV Predictions?  1-2 new waves of figures, at least one item we know is coming in 2010 won’t be shown, and no, they will not confirm a Sail Barge.  I assume they’ll tell us who is getting the new TIE Bomber as an exclusive and I would be genuinely thrilled to see news of new comic packs by some miracle.

--Adam Pawlus

ET Figures

If you look hard enough, wsan't there an international exclusive ET figure that kind of fits?


There was a pack-in E.T. figure that came with boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese a few years back. It is roughly the right size (maybe a tad big?) and looks good.