Official Site Talks Star Wars Blu-Ray Cleanup

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, August 24, 2011 posted a feature on the Blu-Ray cleanup process, highlighting botched effects being repaired, Lightsaber fixes, and a whole mess of other interesting tidbits-- of course, not all of them.  Do read on and be sure to check this one out.



Having seen these dozens of times in the theaters, both 1st run as a small child and the 90's run, I never noticed these things at all. It wasn't until they came out on VHS that I thought, "Wow, in the age of Jurassic park, think they could have did something with the Tie Fighter mattes."

Then the DVD's, "couldn't tighten that up?" Thank the maker, oh my, they got em this time. Hopefully the new Yoda CGI will make Ep. 1 less excruciating!