New & Revised Custom Playsets from Orbitdyne

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, November 20, 2023

Friend of the site and of the guy who makes the set Seth Longmore makes a lot of really cool things - you can see them on his Etsy store. Two items of interest to you, and I think he just has one left of each right now, are a Deluxe Space Bar - Custom 3 3/4" Action Figure Playset (revised, with interior lighting, glow-in-the-dark parts, and a bandstand) as well as the nicely painted Sci Fi Adobe Hut A - Custom 3 3/4" Action Figure Playset Printable Scenery with opening lid and room for figures inside. I'd say "makes a great gift," but let's be honest, you'll want to keep these. I have one of his early Space Bar prototypes and love it.

He even takes some requests. (Well, I'm saying he does, let's see if he does.) Click here to see his playsets and some customized figures. I'm particularly fond of his specially painted Jet Jaguar figures.