Jedi News U.K. Toy Fair Report

By Mike — Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jedi News reports from U.K. Toy Fair with photos from the Hasbro Booth and other licensors. The big news from the show is the Rise of Darth Vader set from Hasbro, which won a best action figure award. The line look also gets a refresh to go with the Episodes II and III 3D releases in the fall. 

The green Yoda line look sees a short shelf life to be replaced by a very ROTS 2005 looking Darth Vader design that launches in August (LEGO will carry the Yoda packaging for the rest of 2013). With Droid Factory being cancelled and some Vintage Collection re-releases coming in February, there appears to be a recalibration of strategy surely prompted by the Disney acquisition and new films being announced, which is fascinating given the game changing repercussions of that announcement.

While most of the Droid Factory figures announced last summer will be re-released in the new Vader line, the fate of the Clone Wars assortment that was originally planned for spring remains up in the air. Is Clone Wars DOA as an action toy line?

Be sure to check out JediNews' coverage and look for own U.S. Toy Fair coverage next month!

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