Image Bank: VC56 Kithaba (Red Variant)

By Mike — Sunday, June 24, 2012

We typically like our variants with some point of interest or backstory to them, and while the red bandana Kithaba isn't by any stretch of the imagination a vinyl caped Jawa, the fact that Hasbro changed up to better match the actual character and vintage version is interestingly cool.


1518 Brown compared to Red (Carded)


1519 Brown compared to Red (Loose)


This running change to the red bandana was requested by Lucasfilm and Hasbro obliged. The brown bandana is more available at the moment, but the red variant is slowly trickling in to circulation. Our brown version has a date stamp (located in the inner left thigh of the figure)  of 20531,  which we think translates into a Julian calendar production date of February 22nd (2=2012, Day 53). The red variant was apparently produced 5 days later with a date stamp of 20581.


1520 Comparison with 1984 Vintage Barada


In terms of the actual color accuracy in relation to the film, confirms that the red version is the correct color. And as a side note, the original Kenner Barada was released in a 1984 Power of the Force cardback and not Return of the Jedi, which adds another little twist to the novelty of this figure and variant.

Auctions in the secondary market have been averaging between $40-$50 for the red version, but hopefully Hasbro releases more in future case assortments and there have been a few being recently found at your big box retailers. This variant is definitely worth your while tracking down for its color accuracy and collectability.




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