Image Bank: SL05 Jango Fett

By Mike — Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saga Legends 05 Jango Fett saw a running change from the 2002 pre-posed Kamino Escape version to the slightly improved and more feature rich TAC iteration from 2007, which actually matches the product photo on the cardback. While neither version is perfect, we're hoping it will soon be a study in an almost decade long evolution once the new Vintage Collection figure is released. You've come a long way Hasbro.

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Appearance: Attack of the Clones
Sequence: SL05
Asst. 21373/21115
Includes: Westar 34 Blasters Merr-Sonn JT-12 Jetpack , removable helmet, poncho, removable armor,firing rocket,  "secret" weapons assortment (DC-15 Blaster, DC-15 Blaster Rifle, DC-17 Blaster, Droid Blaster, EMP Launcher, Blaster Rifle) figure stand, character card, Galactic Battle Game die.
Feature: includes Secret Weapons!
Retail: $6.99 to $7.49
Released: June 2010
Previous Release: 2002 Saga Collection (Kamino Escape #13), 2007 30th Anniversary Collection (Bounty Hunter 30-57)

Bio: As Jango Fett answers Obi-Wan Kenobi's questions on Kamino, he gauges the level of threat posed by the Jedi's investigation. On the surface, their conversation is polite, but underneath is a current of suspicion and menace. The bounty hunter anticipates that his next meeting with Kenobi will not be as pleasant. [MORE IMAGES]