Image Bank: Republic Assault Submarine with Scuba Clone Trooper

By Mike — Saturday, March 10, 2012

While there wasn't really much originality or excitement from collectors for the re-issued first wave of Class I Fleet Vehicles, the second wave are new and pretty fantastic, starting with this Republic Assault Submarine. It's got great features, an all new Scuba Trooper, and transforming attack mode. 

VEHICLE: It's not bad looking and has your standard fun play features like the firing missiles and transforms into attack mode by pressing a back lever between the handlebars and flipping up the control/pilot panel, making it look like a battle ready jet ski. The firing missiles launch by pressing buttons located on each turret and the sub comes in your standard white and red Republic colors. You can attach the blaster rifles on each side of the vehicle to "store" away.

SCUBA CLONE: The all new figure comes with no waist articulation and 13 points to pose with. The design looks great and is probably one of the better non-standard Clones in recent memory. One negative is not having a neck that can articulate vertically facing forward to pilot the sub in a horizontal swim pose. The removable breathing apparatus also detaches too easily from the helmet and doesn't like to stay put. 

TOPPING THINGS OFF: Hasbro didn't just dial this in as they've been apt to do with this assortment lately. We just didn't get another Clone with Speederbike but a great looking, all new, Class I Vehicle and figure. For that reason alone, you should pick this up.


RATING: WANTED (**** 4 Bounty Points)



Appearance: The Clone Wars (Season 3)
AfiliationGalactic Republic
Includes: Figure stand, Character Card, Die, 2 Blaster Rifles, Fins, Removable Breathing Apparatus, Firing Missiles
Retail: $16.99
Released: March 2012

Description: An assault submarine glides through the water piloted by a scuba clone trooper. Marine missions require special methods for assault and reconnaisance, as demonstrated by the Republic's "Devilish" OMS (One Man Submersible). The versatile subs can be operated underwater or on the surface of the water. Either way, scuba clone troopers can attack from the sea, firing the sub's torpedo launcher at the enemy . [MORE IMAGES]