Image Bank: CW28 Clone Pilot Goji

By Mike — Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Y-Wing Pilot from the Battle of Malastare is next up on our Image Bank. CW28 Clone Pilot Goji is a nice nod to "Gojira" or Godzilla to you Westerners. His helmet even bears the markings of the Japanese super lizard. 



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Clone Pilot Goji

Well, I don't remember any "Battle of Malastare," but I am looking forward to Goji. I like clone troopers who wear a little green, like Gree and Goji here.

Goji Keep the Clones coming

as a proud member of Clone-o-Holics (having over 500 clone troopers/stormtroopers) I say keep 'em coming Hasbro...the more the merrier!