Image Bank: CW24 Jungle Camo ARF Trooper

By Mike — Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A repaint of last year's "clean" release (and this year's re-release), CW24 Jungle Camo ARF Trooper offers nothing new except the cool camouflage paint deco based on his appearance in The Clone Wars theatrical film. And for this, we recommend picking up a couple. Make sure to post your comments!

The Clone Wars (Theatrical)
Sequence: CW24
Asst. 20799/94736
Includes: DC-15S Blaster, missile firing Canon, figure stand, character card, Galactic Battle Game die
Action feature: Firing missile
Retail: $6.99 to $7.49
Released: August 2010

Bio: Advanced Recon Force (ARF) clone troopers conduct reconnaisance missions. They are trained in stealth techniques to gather information without being detected by the enemy. Wearing jungle camouflage armor, they are deployed to the planet Teth to scout the location where Jabba the Hutt's son Rotta is being held captive. [MORE IMAGES]   

CW24 - Jungle Camo ARF Trooper

It may offer "nothing new," but in my part of Connecticut, it's impossible to find. Several weeks ago, however, I got lucky, but I've seen no others since then. So, for me, this figure is "gold." Any other CT readers having trouble finding it?

Teth Trooper

I've seen him once and haven't seen him's frustrating the way these figures disappear so quickly...

i still have yet to be able to find the deluxe AT-RT version as well...have never even seen it at retail.