Image Bank: CW11 Aurra Sing

By Mike — Monday, October 4, 2010

A wonderfully executed figure with the perfect sculpt and great articulation, CW11 Aurra Sing is the best yet, and if you haven't picked her up, you need to. A brand new super articulated sculpt that is evolutions above her POTJ and Saga iterations, Sing is a pasty yet sexy volatile piece of plastic. If we were to nitpick, an additional dead Jedi lightsaber would have been fantastic. Please post your comments on the bounty hunter! 

Appearance: The Clone Wars  (Season 2)
Sequence: CW11
Asst. 97532/94736
Includes: Dual trigger blaster pistols, sniper rifle, removable vest, character card, Galactic Battle Game die
Retail: $6.99 to $7.49
Released: June 2010

Bio: Aurra Sing is a Force sensitive bounty hunter, mercenary, and assassin. She is willing to work for anyone who can meet her price. She provides her expert sniper skills to Cad Bane on Coruscant. Her skills are well known to the criminal underworld; many aspiring hunters seek her out for training despite her reputation as a cold-hearted taskmaster. [MORE IMAGES] 


TCW - Aurra Sing

The only thing I don't like about the figure is the antenna. I can understand why Hasbro did it, of course, but it really should have been painted gray/silver, not white. For guys like me who forgot that the character had such an implant, it was a bit off-putting at first.

I think we can expect this figure to be rereleased with the correct paint job for the antenna, given Hasbro's recent correction of Cody's.

Aurra Sing

I've been passing on this figure for awhile kinda holding out hope that Hasbro will give us an SA version of Aurra in the realistic line....

as far as the antenna, while I agree that it should be silver and more accurate it's not a big problem with me...I would have prefered perhaps a damaged lightsaber hilt or something else but the figure is a nice addition to the ever growing CW collection...

might have to pick one up the next time I see her.