HasCon - New 12-Inch Yoda, Black Series Rose, More Dewback

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, September 9, 2017

3411 I just snapped a few more (or better) shots of items the other day.   Maybe you've seen these, but if not here's another look.  (No, not another Luke.)

The Titan Hero Series Yoda is a great mishmash of his design from The Empire Strikes Back and the prequels, including his snake and cane from the Kenner era plus a lightsaber from the not-as-old era.  I've felt that these 12-inch scale figures have been generally great - their only real shortcoming is my preferene for Original Trilogy-era characters, of which there have been precious few at this size.  The production sample of Yoda looked so incredible that for $10, I'd strongly recommend everybody give him a good look when he hits stores in a little while.3412

To date the line has skewed "new," with more prequels, more sequels, and few guys that we old farts wanted.


It's Rose!  We don't know much about her yet.  But there she is.


This new big 6-inch Dewback is a gem - it even has an articulated tongue!  The scale seems a bit fudged to get it out at a decent price, but it's cool and I want it.