HASBRO's Star Wars Q&A - Answers From 10/29

By Adam May — Monday, November 22, 2010

Today we get Q&A answers about those characters who are just on the cusp of getting the green-lights (some pretty cool ones, too) and some not-so-good news for fans of Duchess Satine. Also, Hasbro sends along some exciting news about some more new and very cool product for The Vintage Collection. You know you want to know, so read on!A brief announcement from the Hasbro Star Wars Team:

"It's a very exciting time for Star Wars as the extraordinary Target exclusive Vintage 9-Pack will be going on sale soon (Nov. 28th). There are two important things to note with this set. First, this set will be more limited than some of our other recent exclusives. Second, Target (and we) are so excited about The Vintage Collection overall and these 3-packs that we have decided to keep this "collection within a collection" idea going at Target. Another wave of 3 3-packs will be coming in Spring and like these, they follow the Vintage character lineups. We think this an exciting development, and thanks to Target's support, hopefully fans will be treated to even more in this series. Thanks again for the support and be sure to get to Target soon. Happy Holidays — the Hasbro Star Wars Team."




Galactic Hunter: So we know that there are a couple of figures that Hasbro just can't do (for some reason). We know that there are a handful of figures that the Hasbro team either won't do or does not want to do. (*COUGHJOCASTANUCOUGH*) However, is there one particular figure (or five if you want to list them) that the Hasbro Star Wars team wants to do, but just can't seem to get it into the line by hook or by crook?

HASBRO: Yes, there are a couple of figures that have seemed to make the lineup every year,  but just seemed to get cut at the last moment to make way for another figure or line plan trims.  These include Ann & Tann Gella (we would do just one, unnamed one and fans could get two to complete the scene) as well as Kitster & Wald. At least one of these, if not both, will make the Episode I line for the 3-D movie.  One last figure that has made the lines but been cut a couple of times is Fozec, a character from Jabba's Palace who gets a curiously large amount of screen time but who has never made it into the final line.  He'll have to wait until more of the Sarlacc Pit characters have made it out, though. 

Galactic Hunter: Our Features Editor (ahem) spoke to the Line Lead for The Clone Wars at Celebration V, and there was some difficulty in working Duchess Satine into the line. Now that she's had several appearances in, frankly, powerful episodes, is there room for a refined lady in a gown? (The skirt can be "break-away" as a compromise - just make sure she has something on underneath, of course!)

HASBRO: There are no plans for a Satine figure in the line.  Aside from Ahsoka, kids just don't respond to female figures all that well. With kids being the vast majority of the Clone Wars audience, we don't have the luxury of a lot of collector-targeted figures in the line.