Hasbro Makes Good On Bent Fetts

By Mike — Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scott from Tulsa sends us a follow up from last month's damaged Mailaway Fetts from Hasbro.

 After receiving my crushed mail away Boba Fett and sharing the pics with you, I called Hasbro and they sent me a prepaid mailing label to return it for replacement. Well, the replacement Fett arrived today and it is perfect!!!  Mint box with peanuts protecting a Mint mailer box with a PRISTINE Boba Fett inside. Thanks Hasbro! You have restored my faith. 


453 cleanfett01.jpg

Balance has been restored in collector land. Thanks for the news Scott!


Boba Fett Mail-In

Hasbro should have gone with the same concept as the Lucas in Stormtrooper outfit and put the Boba Fett figure in a clamshell so that it would have at least a chance to survive the post office experience, but thats just my opinion.