Halloween Star Wars Droid at Disney - BB-BOO20

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, August 9, 2020

3826 UPDATE: MyDisneyShop's selling it online. $14.99 + shipping.  It does not appear to be run by Disney, but the price seems lowest so far.

The pumpkin-themed BB-BOO20 is showing up at Disney parks - and maybe elsewhere - across the USA.  While the theme parks are closed, eBay is open - and that's where we're seeing these now.  They're about $13 in stores, so when buying yours keep in mind tax is a couple of bucks and shipping is usually $5 or less.

The figure is a redeco fo the popular build-a-droid format BB droids we've been seeing for a few years, so they split in the middle and have removable heads.  They're neat.


  I borrowed - and not stole - the picture from this listing so feel free to support that guy.