GHR: Where Are You At, AT-AT?

By Mike — Monday, October 29, 2012

So the BIG Vintage Millennium Falcon flew in last week in all its $250 glory and collectors are wondering about the other ToysRUs big holiday exclusive, the ROTJ Vintage Endor AT-AT with uniquely painted "poopie feet". The partial answer lies with our neighbors to the north.



While utilizing the same huge and gorgeous 2010 mold with all its fantastic bells and whistles, this AT-AT has a distinct Endor soiled paint app as well as a different colored Driver (black gloves and boots) and Speeder Bike. That's right, unlike the Vintage re-packaged Falcon, many will want to open this one. But you'll also admire and want to keep the Kenner inspired package because it's black and silver and nostalgicky.


ToysRUs Canada has this exclusive available now and with a pricepoint of $149.99 CAD which probably means it's the same price in USD (give or take a couple of pennies) unless TRU U.S. wants to up the price here. We hope not.

The lucky Canadians can also enjoy the AT-AT being on sale for $112.47 with FREE Shipping. Unfortunately, TRU Canada doesn't ship outside the country so you'll have to source a Canadian buddy to buy or trade one for you. The packaging is also tri-lingual if you're specifically after a U.S. box.

What about the U.S. release? We tried calling in the product (#626309) and UPC numbers (653569778905to some local stores and it's not in their system

Click here to visit the TRU Canada listing and be sure to let us know once the AT-AT is spotted in the good old U.S.A.

Happy Galactic Hunting!




It has arrived in Mexico!

Got one of these badboys down here for $119 dollars! That beats the Canadian price!

Nice score! Which store and

Nice score! Which store and where in Mexico? Thanks!