GHR: TRU Biggs X-wing OUT

By Mike — Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It looks like the new Vintage Collection ToysRUs exclusive Biggs X-Wing Fighter is hitting stores. Reader RBLock1583 found his at a local TRU in Southern California. Retail price is $59.99. Happy Hunting!





All of this stuff coming out when I'm broke! I'd like to know if TRU will be selling this online.

Found one!

Hello everybody! I found one of these in Phoenix this evening. For the hardcore X-Wing fanboy, it's the same mold as TRU's trench run version from about 2010. This means there are slots for lightsaber storage, a rotating torpedo launcher, and a wonderfully detailed interior. No Astromech Droid was shown on the box, but feel free to use R2-Q2 from 2006, because someone you know and love had the foresight to make that happen. *coughs*