GHR: Target Marks Down And Then Some

By Mike — Saturday, February 18, 2012

Target sweetens the deals this week by marking down their "Shadows of the Dark Side" merchandise by 70%. This includes The Republic Attack Shuttle at an astoundingly low $23.99 (that's less than a price of a Class II vehicle!). If you haven't grab one yet, now is the time to do so. It may be not as appealing as an Original Trilogy toy, but it is fun and feature rich. The exclusive Vintage 3 Packs have also been marked down to $5.93. But there's a twist.


The old SKU/DPCI of the 3 packs are scanning at a higher pricepoint of $24.99 (these were originally $19.79). It's apparently a glitch and while some stores haven't received the memo,  others are blacking out the SKU on the box and referring to the actual clearance tag at checkout. Here are some other great deals:

Saga Legends and Clone Wars Basic Figures $2.36
Remote Control Republic Tank $11.97
Electronic Helmets $5.98
Class I Vehicles $5.08
Class II Vehicles $7.48

Happy Galactic Hunting everyone! Please send in your finds or post in the comments box below on your deals!