GHR: Target AND TRU BOGO 50%, K-Mart B-Wings UPDATE

By Mike — Sunday, May 27, 2012

GHR hopes all of you are having an awesome Memorial Day weekend, enjoying a great long weekend and barbecue with the family, and honoring the brave who have served and presently serve this great nation of ours. There's a nice Target sale this week, and as we reported earlier, the B-Wings are cheap, but not for long. UPDATE: TRU also having a BOGO through June 2nd.



The Buy 1 Get 1 for 50% off at Target is now happening in the stores and online. This applies to two toys of the same brand and LEGO is included. Help the cause of clearing those pegs and shelf space and shop Target this week.

By now, you've heard about the awesome K-Mart sale on the B-Wing Fighter. GHR considers this the greatest deal in awhile because the retooled vehicle with that Vintage packaging is more than worth the $15 bucks, and it's already sold out online. Folks have also been reporting and posting on our Facebook page that they've been scoring the RC Hailfire Droid and older 2011 stuff for half off the clearance. The additional 50% off only lasts until tomorrow, so head on to your local K-Mart for some deals. And to add extra motivation to do so, GHR also found remnants of Vintage Wave 4 at a local K-Mart yesterday.

Tuesday Morning finds continue with reader Michael C. sending in this report:

Went on a Tuesday Morning shopping spree when I found out that there was a possibility of Star Wars figures. Stopped at 4 locations and picked up the best of what the stores had to offer (many were unpunched). I paid $4.99 USD for each figure and the labels were easy to remove once I applied heat using a blow dryer. I recommend everyone look up their nearest store location and get hunting!




Nice score Michael, especially on those "Revenge" variants! 


Happy Galactic Hunting everyone! And don't forget to e-mail us your finds and reports!


UPDATE: Always in motion is The Force. ToysRUs is also having a Buy One Get One 50% off for basic action figures in their stores through June 2nd






Tuesday Morning Finds

Hey guys, forgot to add that those figures were found in Orange County, CA. The stores here are stocked to the brim so if you live in the area, I suggest taking a look.