Galactic Hunter Video Theater Presents: The Clone Wars - Fugitive

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, March 17, 2014

The Clone Wars on Netflix on Galactic Hunter Video Theater continues with: Fugitive, which comes complete with the same scenery as last week, with even more Clones and flying whales and reminders of that final prequel. It's a lot more fun than the last episode, if for no reason other than to see a clone play detective. The whole "soldier" rhetoric wears thin, but it's a good time so read on!



Kamino's dull grey hallways are once again the center of attention, with the added benefit of having few or no new character designs thrown in to keep it interesting. AZ-3 returns, sounding like a more competent and oblivious WAC-47, showing us that the animators may be frustrated toy designers - the little guy has a hover mode!


While not an episode I would describe as being fun, it certainly was a lot more compelling than last week's extended visit to the waiting room at a doctor's office. There are real stakes here - Fives and AZ-3 are both up for memory wipes, Tup's tumor is revealed, and the plot plods along at a respectable clip. It's fun to see the interaction between our clones, the seemingly castrated Kaminoan clones, and the Kaminoans themselves. If anything, it may tip us off that Shaak Ti's lack of ability to see what's going on nearby could be the reason the entire order fell. Maybe this is why she's died in so many interesting ways over the last few years?


In order to play House, M.D., Fives goes undercover in a shiny suit of the current generation of trooper armor - a nice callback to his first appearance in "Rookies," one of season one's (and indeed the entire series') finest episodes. Given the lack of their appearance in the movies or post-Order 66 fiction, it's a safe bet that major players like Fives are not long for this world.


After revealing to Shaak Ti just how he found what messed up Tup's head - and that the same thing is in the heads of every clone in production - we get a nice little cliffhanger indicating everybody's going back to Coruscant next week for part 4, presumably to wrap this whole thing up. Much like comic books, it feels like this arc has been written for the graphic novel - we're seeing the story go longer than needed, and I'm sure this entire four-parter could have easily been whittled down to three when it's all said and done. I'll know for sure after the next episode, but let's just say that it is.

Takeaway from this week:
White and Shiny! David Yow would be so proud of you.
Is that Revenge of the Sith Clone Pilot armor I spy? Thank goodness, I do dig that costume.
AZ-3 is loaded with tools, gears, and other knickknacks. He looks like he was meant to be a toy first, which is why it's so painful that this final arc of The Clone Wars is sans action figures.

Next time: Let's move on! We wrap things up in "Orders." See you next mission!