Galactic Hunter Video Theater Presents: The Clone Wars - Conspiracy

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, March 13, 2014

Galactic Hunter Video Theater continues season six of The Clone Wars on Netflix. This week's episode: Conspiracy, where all of the high-flying action from last week is tossed out in favor of basically telling you what you already knew. At least we meet a cool little robot, right? Read on!



Picking up on Kamino rather than complicating the journey, "Conspiracy" gets to the Kaminoans and starts dwelling on the whole Dooku/Sidious/Sifo-Dyas thing which I assumed was a little more neat and tidy than this episode illustrates.


Some reference materials seemed to paint Order 66 as one of countless contingencies built in to the clone army - possibly even openly - Order 65 was to capture or kill the Chancellor, Order 37 had to do with civilian hostages, and so on and so forth. Lama Su and his Kaminoans always struck me more or less as business people - they were given a project, and they did it - but this episode adds an element of mustache-twirling combined with their direct knowledge of Dooku and Sidious, something it felt like was downplayed or flat-out contradictory previously. Here we see them consulting directly with the enemy, or "enemy," I'm not even sure which anymore. This is all still continuing to unravel, but now we see that at least in this storyline, the Kaminoans are Dooku's agents - not unwitting patsies or middle-men, but directly responsible for everything that goes down in Revenge of the Sith to kill the Jedi.


So what about Tup? Brain tumor. Apparently that's what caused him to flip out last time, and it's easily removed with the magic medical technology on Kamino and the work of AZ-3 - another fun droid in a parade of awesome characters that will never exist in toy form. He's another quirky little guy who helps Fives discover the tumor, which is an odd variation on the medical drama. Normally you have one guy pop in and solve every medical problem each week, and in this case we see a soldier come in and basically force an examination and solve the mystery with a little help from a mechanoid. Not a bad twist, but we're still stuck on the hospital and we're probably going to be here at least for most of next week, too. Bleh. I have no doubt this was to keep the budget down after last week's action-fest.


Takeaway from this week:
I thought the Sith used more intermediaries for the Clone army. Someone could just look at a phone bill and figure this one out!
I like those grey Shock Troopers on Kamino. Those would make a nice figure.
Not much Jedi action this week, but plenty of discussion.

Next time: We're still in the hospital? (Thanks for nothing, Obamacare!) House M.D. has nothing on "Fugitive." See you next mission!