First Impressions: Hasbro's Star Wars Takodana Encounter Action Figure Set

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3079 We'll be tackling these - or at least one of these - in Figure of the Day very soon, but it seemed prudent to give you the lowdown on this awesome gift set now just in case you were waffling over buying it or just a couple of single figures.   This 4-pack costs less than 3 individual figures at most stores, plus sports one exclusive figure and accessories to boot.  When you see the Takodana Encounter you'll say "Octopus, right?"  (I think that's what it is, I never took Japanese.)

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This action figure set comes in a box that's pretty much the same size and shape as last year's "Digital Release" boxed sets for all six films - on a shelf, this would look very nice next to them.   In it you'll find Finn (repack of individual figure), Rey (repack of individual figure), BB-8 (the Scavengers version), and Maz Kanata (new).  The two "combine weapons" are gone, but instead you'll find a lightsaber hilt, a lightsaber, and a trunk - the perfect place to store your priceless religious heirlooms in the basement of a bar.  In short: you'll be wanting one.

3082 Finn is pretty much the same as the figure released in September, and you can read my full review in Figure of the Day #2,190.  With five points of articulation and a swell blaster, this is pretty much the exact same toy plus or minus the mold usage quibbles you expect with time.  Finn's details are a tiny bit softer this time around, and the blaster seems to have a few more mold marks.   Granted, you'll need to squint to notice the difference and it's possible that your mileage may vary from figure to figure.

3083 Rey is going to be the reason you have difficulty finding the set - despite being available in proportionally identical numbers as Finn figures since September, her popularity is a juggernaut the likes of which we haven't seen in ages.   You can see my review of the original in Figure of the Day #2,191.  While she, too, is basically the same as the Snow version from September, it's worth noting that my sample actually seems to be greatly improved.  The face deco looks a lot more flattering with better eyes and hair, making this the figure to get.  Her backpack and staff are still included, but Hasbro dropped the nifty kickboard accessory.  Instead, you get a full-blown lightsaber with blade - it's similar to other Luke and Anakin lightsabers, so you could probably steal one from another toy were you so inclined.   I have only seen this one sample of this set so far, but the face is good enough that I might recommend you variation hunters pick this one up - it seems to be better, and I'm usually the first one to say "close enough, save your money" to the general population.  Just remember you'll be fighting more than regular collectors to find her thanks to Mainstream Acceptance of the franchise once again.   One weird thing about my Rey is that she had a generous dollop of paint in her right hand which had to be broken or removed to hold any accessory, although I would wager this is just my sample.


The reason most people are grinding their teeth in anticipation of this set is Maz Kanata, the very old, very much beloved new face of social drinking in Star Wars.   She turned out better than you might expect.   Given the fact this is a 5-jointed figure, you'll be happy to know Hasbro didn't skimp on paint and sculpted detail.   Each hand has rings and bracelets.  Her belt has painted pouches and tassles.  The toes of her boots are painted a different color than the main body, and there's a red stripe at the top as well.   You may notice some incredible detail for the skin on her head, plus her glasses are clear plastic with eyes underneath that could be called nearly perfect.   She also includes an all-new blaster and the infamous trunk, which isn't as impressive as Maz herself.   Given this set is above $20, consider that you would  have happily paid $10 or more for just Maz.


The box has a rubbery hinge that doesn't allow the box to fully close and stay closed, but there is a handy latch that tries to keep it shut for you.   By default its maw comes wide open, with room to store the lightsaber hilt.   The scattered junk is undecorated, and the junk piece in mine was assembled so there's a tiny gap to the right which looks a little strange.   It's nice, but not as good as Obi-Wan Kenobi's trunk that we got with Luke, way back 10 years ago in FOTD #342.  It's a nice accessory and it helps make this set a little more compelling for those of us who own 3 of the 4 figures, but Hasbro has given us better home furnishings in the past. 


3089 Rounding out this quartet of heroes is BB-8, the much loved robot.  Two different 3 3/4-inch molds exist - one sculpt was dirtied and sold with the Millennium Falcon, and the other was clean white bundled with other figures at Kohl's and packed with thea couple of scavengers.  This is the latter repacked - it's clean, white, and largely sharper with its painted details.   There's a foot peg hole on the bottom of his  base, which is flat, and he has an articulated head.   Don't expect him to do much, because technically he's homeless.  It's cute, it's BB-8, and odds are you could still use this little robot - so here's another reason to buy this set.  You can read more about him in FOTD #2,220.

This item is due next month, and this advance sample comes courtesy of Hasbro.  It came in this swell mailer box with a cool postcard.   You can order this set at Entertainment Earth or Amazon.3085 3086