Figure of the Day: Day 1,461

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey kids, it's ARF Trooper Boil!  Not many Clones get more than one figure, but this one did-- and just look at that detail!  Unique camo, a special tampo on his helmet, and great articulation make this one of the best figures you likely passed on late last year, because you are a bad person.  Read on!


Love this set, and I haven't had any problem finding it. A little scarce before Christmas, but all over the place now. Just stay away from TRU, $21.99 for a deluxe set, disgusting. We should all boycott!


Have yet to see this set at retail anywhere in Jersey and never even saw the first release of the set last year. hoping to find one eventually


I live in Jersey, Morris county. Just came home from walmart and they had 3 on the pegs. I dont know where your at, but if you come north-east they are everywhere!