EE Cancels Mandalorian Assault Transport Pre-orders

By Mike — Friday, June 15, 2012

Entertainment Earth has canceled pre-orders for the Clone Wars Mandalorian Attack Shuttle. The online retailer (and Galactic Hunter sponsor) took additional pre-orders earlier this year after selling out of their initial allocation and it appears they were unable to obtain the additional stock.

If you were able to collect a U.S. boxed version late last year, consider yourself having a rare edition as there's a good likelihood Hasbro will re-issue a version in Movie Heroes or newer packaging since this was released in the cusp of a package transition. Of course, with discount stores being the dumping ground for toys falling out of circulation lately, there's also the off chance leftover stock will show up at a Ross or Marshall's. Consider all this conjecture for the moment until we find out more from Hasbro.

If you have to have one now, there are a few Canadian multilingual boxed Transports on eBay. Stay tuned as this story further develops.