CVI: Marc Ecko Fett Hoodie And Tee Giveaway

By Mike — Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We kick off our Celebration VI fun with an awesome contest giveaway for our readers sponsored by the nice folks at Marc Ecko!  Let your Bounty Hunter flag fly by entering for the chance to win the  "Fett For Real" Hoodie by Marc Ecko Cut & Sew (which quickly sold out the last time it was offered) and the Ecko "Hired Gun-Seek and Destroy" Fett T-Shirt. Here's how to enter!


 - Answer the following question in the comments section below to be entered to win a hoodie or a t-shirt. Be sure to register today to comment!

 -  Since these Star Wars hoodies reflect specific characters like an X-Wing Pilot or Stormtrooper, what other Star Wars characters would you like to see made into a hoodie by Ecko

- Giveaway ends September 7th, 2012.

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Who won?

So, who won?

New Ecko Hoodie

I'd really like to see a Blackhole Storemtrooper, Commander Gree, Commander Cody, and Commander Neyo hoodies done. And since there is a Boba Fett hoodie it seems only right that there ought ot be a Jango Fett one as well. :)

I think that there should be

I think that there should be a clonetrooper,darktrooper,jango fett, chewbacca, or commander cody hoodie.

Imperial guard would be sweet

Imperial guard would be sweet

star wars

i'd like to see camo look from the endor rebel soldiers or anything darth maul , savage opress or bossk


I say you guys do a C-3PO hoodie.



imperial guard

Those red imperial guard uniforms would be awesome!


Fett is probably my favorite, but Vader is always classic.
I'd rock all your stuff Marc!
I can be your first model from MPLS!
Gotta represent!


Slice you open like a taun-taun.

Royal Guard immediately popped into my head. Darth Revan from KoTOR would be badass as well.

Aayla Secura or any other

Aayla Secura or any other Twi'lek like Bib Fortuna....complete with head tails coming off the hoodie and all.


Would love to see a Darth Vader or Maul hoodie

Yoda or C3PO

Yoda or C3PO


R2D2 the hood wold look tight with the one eye and a Darth Vader would look good.

Tee Giveaway

I think R2D2 would be dope

Dengar - he's got armor, and

Dengar - he's got armor, and a bandaged head. Perfect for a hoodie.

Dengar - he's got armor, and

Dengar - he's got armor, and a bandaged head. Perfect for a hoodie.

Marc Ecko Hoodie

I think a great choice would be a C3PO.

Absolutely Admiral Ackbar!

Absolutely Admiral Ackbar!

R2-D2 or a Jedi Robe hoodie

R2-D2 or a Jedi Robe hoodie


remember the Sandtroopers? "These are not the droids we are looking for"

What about YODA!!!!!

What about YODA!!!!!

Darth Nihilus, the sith lord

Darth Nihilus, the sith lord on the cover of the Knights of The Old Republic 2 game, would be a really awesome one to make!!!

Jar Jar Binks :D

Jar Jar Binks :D


imperial guard ,sith lord, tie pilot shadow trooper would all be cool

Ponda Baba/Walrus Man

Come on, who wouldn't like the orange jacket with the big "toofy" head up top??? Seriously, he doesn't like you. :)


Only if it has whiskers and a "zip-off" arm


Darth Vader.. Chewbacca, Jango Fett, there's so many they could do.. but the Royal Guard would be BOSS.

Fett Hoodie

I am not much for hoodies, but this one is a must have.

Star Wars Hoodie recommendations

K-3PO (the white would look fantastic!), Leia (Boushh Disguise), Snow Trooper, and Tusken Raider


I want a holographic looking one...

Let's do an EU

I personally think a Darth Reven hoodie would be all kinds of bada$$. So many other great baddies from the vast Expanded Universe of Star Wars to choose from.

Lando Skiff Disguise or

Lando Skiff Disguise or Tusken Raider

New Hoodie Idea

How about a Tattooed Darth Maul (shirtless) design? Although a Jabba one would be pretty funny...

Ecko Hoodie Suggestion

I'd recommend the Luke Hoth outfit. Sure too keep you warm and looking cool when there's no taun-taun belly to crawl into!

Ecko Suggestions

Scout Trooper seems like a no-brainer. Yes, the Stormtrooper is very similar, but they're biker thugs of the Star Wars universe. And it would be awesome to ride my bike wearing this hoodie.

Even the pockets are

Even the pockets are appropriately placed for the supply packs!

Yub Nub

An Ewok hoodie would be a very good idea plus it would keep you warm.


Would love to see an Emperors' Royal Guard Hoodie.

A republic guard might be

A republic guard might be cool with the Senate crest on the chest

other characters

A jawa is too easy, as are all the masked men... so Lobot!

I'm surprised Vader hasn't

I'm surprised Vader hasn't been done yet. For the ladies, I think a Leia Boushh hoodie would be cool.


Bossk would be a pretty cool one, half the sleeves patterned like scales and the hood zipping up to form his face. I would definitely wear that one.

How about a Tie pilot!? Any

How about a Tie pilot!? Any masked Imperials would be great!

No, a Royal Guard...

I like red and they have always been one of my favs!