Comic-Con: Trench Run X-Wing Has Guts

By Mike — Friday, July 22, 2011

At first glance, one may make the assumption that the upcoming ToysRus Trench Run X-Wing Fighter is another iteration of the 1997 Power FX mold or a repaint like the Dagobah version. But Hasbro went to great lengths to give Luke's signature starfighter some fresh insides by tooling a new fuselage and adding great detail and features in the cockpit. This may be your definitive 3 3/4 X-Wing yet.



 Underneath the nose and behind the retractable landing gear, Hasbro added a firing missile and a storage compartment. The missile compartment flips out or in to retract the missile launcher.






No stickers here. The new retooled cockpit includes a detailed control panel and an articulated targeting computer.






The pack in Luke and R2 at a glance looks to be from the Wal-mart exclusive Droid Factory set. Hasbro pretty much left Vader's TIE alone and added no significant enhancements. This ToysRUs exclusive is priced at $99.99 and is scheduled for release this October for the Big Book promo. 








Too bad They didn't redo

Too bad They didn't redo Vader's TIE. That mold is in dire need of an update, much more so than the X-wing. I'm not too crazy about the missile launcher on the X-wing, but if they had updated both ships this would be an easy $100 for me to spend.