Comic-Con: Revenge Death Star Set Sold Out. HTS Will Sell Tuesday

By Mike — Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Hasbro exclusive Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Figure set sold out, along with most of the popular Hasbro exclusives, late Saturday. Hasbro even sold the sample that they had displayed in their booth, giving credence to the low production quantities of this exclusive. The exclusive sold for $140 with tax included and there was a purchase limit of 1 per person.

Hasbro did allocate a small portion, probably "less than 1000 pieces", for sale at this Tuesday morning. 12 of the 14 figures in this set, save for Salacious Crumb and the Mousedroid, will be available as variant chase "Revenge" cards this fall. 

While the higher pricepoint and repackaged figures were thought to prohibit the popularity of this set, the exclusiveness and awesome displayability proved to notch up the desirability factor. 

Now we're waiting for Hasbro to quit teasing us and finally release an actual modern Death Star playset.