Comic-Con: Posters and Proofcard Goodies at Hasbro Booth

By Mike — Thursday, July 22, 2010

As if you need anymore reason to do frequent passes at the Hasbro Comic-Con booth. You now have two more. Big H is giving away a free action figure poster based on the ESB movie poster AND mock vintage proof cards featuring the ESB Darth Vader. Heck, it even has the Kenner logo! We've been told that different cards may be handed out each day, so if you're at the Con, you cannot miss out on this nifty nostalgic collectible!

162 Hasbro Vintage Proof Cards


164 Vintage Proof Card


160 Hasbro ESB Poster

I wanna be the first stand-up comedian in outer-space...

For those who are already writing in, yes, we'll have SOME posters and cards to give away once Comic-Con is over. Also, if you're not following GalacticHunter on Twitter (or +friend on FaceBook) you could miss out on a couple of giveaways. (Just sayin'!)