Comic-Con: Gentle Giant Has Rebo Band, Clone Exclusives, And Spidey Maul

By Mike — Friday, July 13, 2012

While minibusts and statues remain the core of Gentle Giant's offerings, their Jumbo Kenner Vintage Figure assortment grows in popularity as well as selection and a new entry in their statue collection based on a certain tattooed Sith Lord's appearance in the Clone Wars series is the star of the show. 

Gentle Giant's Star Wars exclusives for the show include the 12"  Jumbo Blue Snaggletooth which was showcased in a nifty Kenner-esque diorama along with other Jumbo Figures. What came as a nice surprising reveal was that this scaled background diorama will actually be offered by year's end. A smiling Jumbo Vintage Lando Calrissian will be next month's Celebration VI exclusive.








Another CVI exclusive revealed at the show is a Episode II Clone Trooper Lieutenant statue. The trooper is posed in a kneeling position which should like great on display. This exclusive, we've been unofficially told, may be limited to only 500 pieces.






Their animated maquettes are continuing with some great pieces that include a fantastic Sandtrooper on Dewback with a little womprat added for good measure. An animated Scout Trooper Ewok Attack is awesome stuff that's slated to be the next Entertainment Earth exclusive.









A Kitster-less Wald is one of the highlights of the minibus assortment along with a new Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar will also be fancied up in Gungan good tidings as their next Holiday Edition minibust.





Max Rebo Band members Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool will be mini busted with Max Rebo also in the works that will be different from his 2006 Holiday Edition version. No word yet if he'll  come with an electronic musical component like his festive predecessor, but we certainly hope so.






Actor Richard LeParmienter, also known as Admiral Motti, was at the booth signing the COA's for his show exclusive minibust.







Last but certainly not least is an amazing new Spider-Maul statue based on his awesome re-introduction in last year's Clone Wars series. The highly detailed work of art is completely digitally rendered that took Gentle Giant two days just to complete the rendering. It's a stunning piece of work that's clearly the piece de resistance of Gentle Giant's booth.






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