Comic-Con: The Calm Before The Storm

By Mike — Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An unusually overcast and drizzly morning in America's Finest City for the warm up to the big event. A brave and dedicated few have been sitting in their lawn chairs since the wee hours of the morning as exhibitors set up inside the cavernous convention center floor. We took a few random shots of some marketing marquees and banners draped across the buildings, hotels, and lamp posts as the run up to Comic-Con begins! 


128 Scott Pilgrim hanging out at the Hilton


130 SD Convention Center - This won't be empty for long.


132 Omni Hotel


140 5th Avenue Gaslamp Quarter






America's FINEST City?

Ummm... yeah...I may live in the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, but Atlanta [How ya'll durrin'?] is ABOVE Sandy Ego and we're all WAY below NYC. Back to the drawing board Michaelangelo. —Mayhem