Comic-Con: Attakus Introduces New 1/10 Scale Resin Collection

By Mike — Sunday, July 24, 2011

Attakus will be producing a limited run collection of high end 1/10 scale resin figures that are scheduled to be released this fall. The figures include Darth Vader and an assortment of Clone Troopers amd Stormtroopers. The figures will retail for $111 each and were displayed in the Diamond booth at Comic-con.

Attakus provided us with the following production runs:
Darth Vader - 3000 pcs.
Stormtrooper -2500 pcs.
Black Hole Stormtrooper - 2500 pcs
501st Legion Clone Trooper - 1500 pcs.
Commander Cody "Firing Like Hell" - 1500 pcs
Commander Gree "Order 66" - 1500 pcs
Commander Neyo "Waiting for the Enemy" - 999 pcs
41st Elite Corps Kashyyyk "Scouting the Battefield" 999 pcs.
Commander Bly "Gunning Down Jedi Fugitives" 999 pcs.
41st Elite Corps Trooper - Coruscant - 999 pcs
Commander Thire "After the Battle" - 1500 pcs

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