Clone Wars Toys R Us Exclusive Kul Teska Found

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kul Teska is a Toys "R" Us exclusive figure which, surprisingly, just showed up. We found a sample at Toys "R" Us in Phoenix, AZ for $14.99 and snapped some quick and ugly photos.

The figure iKul Teska and his pal Echos simply massive-- he towers a couple of inches above Darth Vader and seems bigger than most deluxe-sized Transformers figures.  He has a gun arm, but includes no removable accessories or firing rockets.  His shoulder pads open up to reveal weapons, but they aren't much to speak of.  He's probably at a store near you, so happy hunting!



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Southern Ontario

Has had these out in my local TRU for over a month. Just picked mine up today on sale for 11.49. Nice figure.

Nice find! Hope there's some

Nice find! Hope there's some left when I'm in the Valley of the Sun next week! :)


La Pawlus don't leave spares. Suckah!