Brian's Toys: Vintage Jumbo Red Snaggletooth, Angry Birds Foam Flyers

By Mike — Monday, March 25, 2013

From our sponsors at Brian's Toys: Add on to your growing Vintage Jumbo collection by picking up the new Red Snaggletooth and Gamorrean Guard from Gentle Giant.  The Angry Birds Foam Flyers have also arrived along with restocks & price reductions of the AT-AT Attack, Tatooine Jenga, and Hoth Jenga battle games.

Masters of the Universe fans can pick up the hard-to-find King He-Man and Fang Man action figures, now in stock!  For GI Joe fans, we have stocked up on some new AFA vintage figures.  Check out the mail-in Duke and Cobra Commander (Straight Arm) graded figures.
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