Brian's Toys: Ultimate Collector Series, Hamilton Plates, Vinyl Jawa Video

By Mike — Friday, June 22, 2012

From our sponsors at Brian's Toys: This week's Brian's Toys newsletter features a variety of rare Star Wars collectibles. The highlight of the week is three LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series sets that include the Imperial Star Destroyer #10030, X-Wing Fighter #7191, and the TIE Interceptor #7181. The ultimate series are larger and more detailed than the traditional LEGO sets, which makes them a highly sought-after collector item.

A complete Hamilton Star Wars plate collection has also arrived, which features the complete set of plates released by Hamilton from 1977 to 2004. For the Family Guy and Star Wars collectors, there is a set of 3 production drawings from the Blue Harvest special. The pencil drawings are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Last week's featured item was the Vintage Vinyl Cape Jawa graded 85 overall, but it is the highlight to Brian's Toys NEW YouTube channel ( In the video, hosted by Brian, the Vinyl Cape Jawa is seen in High Definition and is given a breakdown of the beauty of the figure as well as some of it's flaws which justify the grade. Click here to view the video (

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